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And I hope that it does get shut down, for the safety of all women!!! Probably half of these women are allied with fraudsters seeking to fleece desperate lonely white collar suckers. PoF is more of a social site then anything else.

And you believe that BS???

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You will have all the tools you need to send emails back and forth from browser or mobile device. Amber, Female from USA. On the 3rd date, we went back to his place. He's probably lying in order to protect his pocketbook and his stupid site.

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A ruling was recently brought in where all photos used on the site had to be fully framed face shots and not of pets artistic photos etc. He will dictate what he views as inappropriate There are many scantly clad ladies that are posers.

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Why is it so hard to find username in plentyofish. With the exception of the few people who are using public computers in the library, everyone online either had a computer or a job where they can access one.

Doug, Male from ontario. The second major problem with the site is the forums.

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Blonde Russian-Ukrainian bimbos or women from other foreign countries where poverty and crime is rife. How about we spend more time carving out an honest profile about what makes you amazing and give it a go.

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I registered on the plentoffish. I know you are not supposed to complain about something that is free but plentoffish has some serious problems that really make it quite an unpleasant place to use. Very Cliquey Posted by: Tanae1, Male from USA.

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Randy, Female from USA. The type of woman mentioned in 2 above often fits into this category. Less I want more of my postings and even my profile deleted without even one warning, for even doing nothing.

With the tons of e-mail they get from hopeful suitors, they acquire both swelled heads and a wildly unrealistic opinion of their market value in the dating world. Honestly, I wouldn't believe a single word that guy says.

Plenty more fish free dating was on Plenty Of Fish for a while, and I can testify that for sure, that Markus guy, owner of Plenty Of Fish, does not care about the safety of the women on his site at all!!!

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Sean, Male from UK. However, Markus claims that the Orangeville woman was off his site when she was murdered. But he kept on calling me and harrassing me.