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Unlike its much bigger fishy rival "Plenty Of Fish"this one is not free. The age range in here tends to be men and women from about 20 up to You can post both photos and videos on your profile which is always a bonus in my view.

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The singles pond is for all regular daters. Joiners from the U.

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More than that - keep in mind that people here are not looking for committed relationships. Using "Plenty More Fish" You don't have to live in the UK, they accept new joiners from anywhere, at least anywhere that speaks English.

Some divorced, some widowed, all with one thing in common - to get out there in the dating scene again.

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The searches are self explanatory. Single parents, cuddly for anyone carrying a few extra pounds, divorced daters, and Christians.

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When I looked in the naughty pond it was mostly filled with young, immature males, looking for something "easy". Finally the naughty pond is the place to go for something a bit more on the fun end of the scale.

Plentymorefish has three 'singles ponds'. The Ponds Singles pond: If you can't find what you're looking for from the above there's more: Most there are fit and active. If you want to meet someone who's older but still has some life left in them, this is the place to go.

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One for regular singles, one for matures and one for casual dating. It's one of the quickest growing trends in dating these days - oldies who want to date a second time around.

If you stick with PlentyMoreFish, on the home page you have to choose between one of three main ponds: In fact, it is quite pricey in my opinion - probably to pay for all of those TV commercials.

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Oddly enough, when you choose Canada as your location, you get redirected to the POF site, so maybe there's some kind of relationship between the two sites. People in the singles pond are looking for basic dating, just to meet someone to hang-out with, right up to people looking for a new spouse.

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