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He's also proved his star power in a realm many traditional Hollywood celebrities have yet to figure out: At the beginning, we didn't know how to do [Edible Six-Pack Rings] and now we're mass producing it. InFrank Ocean officially became a free agent—though, really, he was one all along.

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They fail to recognize the root of the problem. Get ready for Generation Z: Though not gay, he watched his own mother struggle with drug addiction. If you're chasing a good idea just for the sake of winning awards or having a better salary, it's way more difficult.

Still, Trainor said this week that she refuses to be called a feminist. Because cynicism is just fear.

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She reports an upsurge in young feminist groups in London, from one to close to in three years. You can go march for an issue, but culture marches forever.

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Or they watch movies and see no girls that look like them on screen. Good ideas are the result of things you care about and that inspire you.

The first one to go viral, in Novemberpoked fun at Shanghainese women who pepper their sentences with words in English to seem more cosmopolitan.

My first phone text to Marco said, "Let's create six-pack rings that feed animals rather than killing them. Founded inthe organization already effected change: Curiosity is what leads to truly new and innovative ideas.

He is among the top opinion leaders in the industry. We're ready to produce 1 million [units] a month. During a "Moana" press conference following the election, Vanity Fair asked him if he'd consider running for office, given Donald Trump's win.

At Cannes, you see a lot of case studies about different social causes.

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That's how the idea was born. Her rants tackle subjects like sexism or family pressures. At the same time I loathe them. Dwayne Johnson's leading-man looks and superhero physique were no doubt deciding factors behind his title as People's Sexiest Man of the Year, but it's his creativity—and creative diversity—that really pushed his brand to new heights.

The idea earned four Cannes Lions and other accolades, but unlike many award show darlings that are more stunt than substance, now it's scaling up.

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The biggest challenge was keeping the idea behind "The Next Rembrandt" alive. We're always trying to solve a specific problem for a client.

China's Baidu search engine said she was the No. I'm not an engineer. Change the World by Being Yourself, expresses similar sentiments. It was worth the wait—for what turned out to be not just an album, but a multimedia explosion.

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Social infertility, baby regret and what it means that shocking numbers of women are not having children The secret lives of networked teens: Because we're living in great times.