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Industrial relations[ edit ] Foster worked as the managing director of Evans, Coleman and Evans, a timber exporting company on Vancouver's waterfront after the war. He initiated the first training of Vancouver police officers, updated police uniforms, added tear gas to the police arsenal, and established a "Communist Activities Branch" to gather intelligence.

Except for the size of my left testicle the one with the hydro in it it seems just a little lighter then before the surgery but definetly less tense. Still bruised and healing, but better. Still oozing just a little. Rich Apr 17, 9: King described him in his diary as "A very fine fellow with lots of tact.


Took a pain pill at bedtime and hope I can get through today without pain medication. Retrieved 10 May Richard White Jul 28, 9: McPhillips ' resignation upon an Free lds dating sites to the Court of Appeal.

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He studied engineering at Wycliffe College before emigrating to British Columbia inwhere he became involved in the lucrative lumber business. One youth was shot in the back of his legs by a police shot gun, and many protesters and police required hospital treatment after the riot.

It remains to be explained how Canada expects to impress the world as an attractive business location if the only way to get anything done is to nationalize it, but the plan reflects the evident belief among Canadians that if something is important, the government should be in charge.

The Liberals or NDP would probably just promise to cancel the tax, without explaining quite how. Mine is about mm 4" by about 2" and has Ottawa hydro hook up awkward and somewhat painful, especially after sitting for a long time. Took some vicadine, but really only 3 a day right afterwards I was told I could take per dayand stopped taking any within 4 days.

That is now healed eight weeks later. I was in a lot of pain post surgery and am still in a lot of pain despite large doses of ibuprofen helps the most and oxycodone.

I had no drain tube, dissolvable stitching. He was twice wounded and Mentioned in Despatches five times.

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Fody did not respond. Now, when I have my post-operative visit I can be armed about questions of my urologist.

Not much pain today, so far, and trying to get through today without pain pills. Had the drain removed the day after surgery, and went back to work two days after surgery. Hal Mar 6, 9: I'm very nervous and reading this comments made me feel better.

His career as chief constable was cut short when he was called off to war in The pain is tolerable and the swelling may even be diminished. I had my first hydrocelectomy October, After some prodding and then a scan the doctor decided that there was no haematoma but some post-operative swelling of the epididimis.

I'm more than ready to have mine done!