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The main reason Parkersburg High School should consider having open campus lunches again is to reduce the number of people in the cafeteria at a time. Indeed, the examples show the breaking up between two individuals caused by open campus lunch policy.

They have managed to encourage students to decide properly on their preferences while maintaining the balance of freedom, and the act to be part of a fun environment, which is the school.

Caught between the joy of choosing whatever one wants to eat and the responsibility of being in class on time, a student will do whatever it takes to achieve both. School administrators have the authority to grant students the option, privilege, and flexibility to choose where they eat lunch.

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Students are more likely to perform their best when they are able to eat healthier and have a more relaxed and enjoyable lunch break! When a child is adopted the adoptive parents receive the same legal rights and responsibilities as if they were the birthparents. No cursing, smoking, fighting, kissing, texting.

Some students, those that do not have money management skills, may take money away from areas of importance in order to meet end for lunch. The power of the Airsoft dating lie not in their capacity to remain as school-cattle but in their freedom to choose what they truly want to be.

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The same thing goes for if you forget your gym shorts or running shoes for the meet after school. Some schools have made offenders pick up trash around the parking lot and one school even made students come to a Saturday school.

They can break their routine of dining and rather than the predictable cafeteria cuisine, they might as well go grab the opportunity to take a break at home.

To accommodate the spending of more money and the growth of our city, more places to eat Open campus essay open up because the demand of food would be greater. Some schools have found that hiring DJ's was a good way to make lunch better Hartwig,1.

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On the positive end, having breaks between classes is great, but having breaks off campus is even better. Adoption is a legal process, practiced in front of a judge, which brings together a child or children with new parents.

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Boyrer, 95 percent of the students use the privilege responsibility. For growing teenagers, skipping lunch every day is certainly not healthy for them, especially if they are at school for seven hours.

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Therefore, one can acknowledge that open campus lunch policy causes delays. In conclusion, Parkersburg High School students would be more likely to succeed if they were provided with open campus lunches. Students would also have a more enjoyable lunch period, and they would be better able to focus on their classes the rest of the day.

Jumiors and seniors would be able to go outside and enjoy the weather. When they are eligible to get their license then they would have the benefits of open campus lunch. Jennifer, whose mind was slumbered by the liquor, believed that she could cross the track before the train came.

Should Students Have Open Campus Lunch Periods

He can not possibly learn from his mistakes. This is neither healthy Open campus essay smart. What if you forgot a project at home that's due sixth hour? Financing the security or monitors around the campus should not be difficult to get funds for.

Some faculty might argue that the students that cannot drive would not have the advantage of eating off campus lunch, but those students could have a friend drive them, or they could just have lunch in the cafeteria.

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This is the part that most students object to and the reason the rule is so dreaded. Another reason communities want it is to reduce car accidents during lunch. School lunches can get to be very expensive and under portioned sometimes. We have now entered a school system more strict and unwavering than ever before.

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Of course, by the time that Michael goes to his class, he is already late. The principal considerations raised by those who argue in favor of an open campus—they are cost effective, a solution to an over-crowded environment, and having enough lunch time to purchase a decent meal.