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2. The Website was Co-Founded in 2000 by Dr. Neil Clark Warren

In addition, while eHarmony is made to be free to communicate, this free time does not include every single feature that a paying member would have.

Good luck to anyone trying the free weekend and hope everyone has a great New Year! My emphasis above in regard to being intentional about contacting people is based on the fact that you only have 5 days in this case.

Try to look at the free weekends that way: Look over their eHarmony matches and think about starting the communication process but do nothing. This is a feature where when you see a profile that you feel a connection to, you can skip the eHarmony Communication process and immediately email one another.

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Again, would it be nice if this feature were included in the free weekend? Plus, you get to see the photos which is something! You might go from having only a few matches to a dozen overnight.

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Instead, you need to wait for eHarmony to provide you with your matches. End the free weekend having contacted only one person. The communication process with eHarmony takes time.

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Sign up or sign back into an existing account on Friday. Things have changed a lot since I started dating online all the way back in !

For those in the US, you can Tow yard hook up eHarmony for free starting on Friday, December 29th and it continues until the end of the day on January 2nd, Signing up anytime before or during free communication will enable you to go through the communication process on eHarmony.

This can particularly be seen if you live in a rural area.

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Saturday or Sunday finally work up the nerve to contact one of their matches. One of the negatives I see in eHarmony when comparing it to something like Match.

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Try to communicate with all your matches gasp! Communicate early and communicate with as many matches as you can. I suppose you could look at it that way.

The final feature missing is Secure Call.

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This is a feature where you can call each other through eHarmony but not provide your real phone number to one another. Of course, nothing will stop you from signing up to communicate beyond 5 days, but for many people, the whole point of the free weekends is to try to explore for…free!

Click here to sign up for the eHarmony Free Communication Weekend The Good of the Free Weekends One of the best parts of the eHarmony free communication time, particularly at the beginning of a new year, is that there will be many new people joining. I understand people who do this…heck, I used to be one of these people who approached online dating this way.

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However, I look at it differently. This means you should see additional matches coming in over the free time.

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However, if you decide to try the free weekend let me recommend that you try contacting as many of your matches as you can. A part of the benefit of eHarmony is the communication process and how it helps start the conversation when you do get to emailing.

But better to communicate and know this than to not try at all.

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