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They lure their victims into an online relationship and use it to get money out of them — sometimes thousands of dollars. But while he hid behind a mask of dark-web anonymity as 'evilmind' or 'devil', his victims were left devastated.

Dangers of Online Romance Scams

However, for people who know what to look for, there are often red flags that reveal something is amiss. When you first meet someone, do a little digging to see if they are who they claim to be. We later sent the customer the remaining balance due and a discount for work that we did not complete.

It would not surprise me if he has created false documents. If she's a prominent person in the community, she can afford a good lawyer, and she needs one, if for no other reason than to keep this scuzzwad from doing this to someone else.

Further surveillance shows the ex-Birmingham University post-doctorate researcher secretly setting up 'Peeping Tom' cameras in bathrooms and shower cubicles.

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Financial counseling helps you figure out how to recover from the monetary loss, while psychological counseling helps you recover from the heartbreak of learning that your online romance was a fraud. So the two weeks turned into four and a half months.

He said that, perhaps because courts always impose severe sentences, one seldom finds a person convicted a second time of blackmail.


If any part of the scam took place by mail, report it as mail fraud to the U. Collect evidence against him immediately.

Anyone with any information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on or submit a confidential crime report at www. My suggestion probably terrifies you, because it's the very thing that's allowing you to be threatened by your ex: Shockingly, even after two of the terrified victims gave in to Rowley's dark demands, he still posted images and footage of them on social media.

Supplied ONLINE dating is fraught with danger at the best of times, but nobody expects to be chatted up then blackmailed into handing over cash. He would regularly post on 'Hurt 2 The Core', which is considered to be the world's worst website and is dedicated to: HuffPost reports that some romance scam victims have attempted or committed suicide.

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How Romance Scammers Operate Romance scammers work by setting up fake profiles on dating sites and social media. However, if you want to stay with him out of love and not because of guilt, and the fact that he's being blackmailed, then you need to talk to this woman. He was in a relationship and was living in Birmingham as he embarked on his career as a post-doctoral university researcher.

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The more you learn about them, the easier it is to suspect that anyone who expresses an interest in you online is just after your money. She feels she "has" to do whatever this person says, or be ridiculed to death.

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I called the company that did the test and they assured me the papers were, in fact, doctored. However, I don't know if you're still with him.

In remarks in that post, he suggested 'a young Dating divas his birthday being used as a dartboard', production of a video depicting a child's bones being 'slowly and deliberately broken', and the abuse of 'a paralysed child'.

Described as the 'worst of the worst', Online dating site used for blackmail is a subculture of paedophilia shunned even by other abusers, the NCA said. Contact the local police and the online platform where the scammer found you. Thanks for the reply and giving me advice.

Do I have any recourse?

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Next, they seek out victims — usually people who are lonely and vulnerable — and work to build up relationships with them. The woman would always have her sudden outbursts and my husband feared her so he fell into the trap, hence this prolonged the affair until I uncovered everything.

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He will probably be kicked out of the FBI for using his power wrongly and he will leave you alone. Blackmail is a crime, and you need legal advice about your options.

However, be aware that if the person on the other end really is a scammer using a false name, enforcing the agreement could be difficult or even impossible.

Scammers often ask their victims for intimate photos or videos, which they later use as blackmail.