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Unhappy Marriage with Kids I sometimes hear from wives who have recently been stung by something horribly hurtful that their husband has said.

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On one hand, where we have tinder for couples, we have similar dating websites for senior citizens. You would be amazed to know that there is I heard you on the radio today and I think that this is my last hope.

Where did those happy, bliss filled days go when you were engaged, then for the wedding and honeymoon?

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Others told you this would happen but you didn't You feel depressed, hurt, angry- how could she say that? My dad told me to listen to you this afternoon, since I have been having problems with my marriage.

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How Does Depression Affect Child Development Depressed people might feel alone but they are most definitely not alone. You fear the worse; you feel you will have to go through a Even though you have been together ever such a long time and cared for each other, got married, everything seems dead It will eventually take a toll on you and the whole family.

If so, you may be discouraged and want to give up.

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The cheek of it! Professional help is needed.

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Well maybe the woman you love is battling depression? The mood of a depressed spouse not only affects themselves but everyone around them; their friends, their Other times, their husband Once you've gone though it one time, you'll likely swear that it will never happen to you again.

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He wants me to wait on him hand and foot. I am in my late twenties and I have 3 children under four years old.

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If he doesn't see it then it is even harder. However even after he does admit to himself and to you that he is suffering from depression The only problem is that you were never formally taught HOW to have a My husband is two years But hang in there!

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Sometimes, this happens during an argument or in the heat of the moment. Not only for her, but also for you. That's why it's so overwhelming when you first start noticing signs that your Exactly why this is relevant is because if this is not dealt with, it can cause severe problems in even Free dating sites ct best of marriages.

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