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However, silk was not the only commodity transported over the route—gems, metals, horses, apricots, raisins, and manufactured goods were also traded.

Later, Chinese pilgrims, such as Fa Hsientraveled to India to gain access to Buddhist writings and teachings. In central India though, a major power continued for over four hundred years: Qissa Khwami Bazaar Shopkeeper in Qissa Khwami Bazaar Traders and travelers along the Silk Roada network of trade routes that linked the western and eastern worlds, would often stop in Peshawar's Qissa Khawani Bazaar, or the "Bazaar of Storytellers," to exchange gossip, news, and stories.

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Today, visitors to the bazaar can wander among booksellers, fruit stalls, sweet shops, cafes, and restaurants selling fresh breads and grilled meats.

The Kushans also developed a highly ornate and sophisticated system of coinage, with beautiful gold coins depicting rulers and gods in superb detail. Kushan Empire Ruins dating back to Kushans and beyond at Ghor Khuttree, Peshawar, Pakistan After the death of Ashoka the Great in BCE, his successors slowly lost their grip on the territories of the Mauryan Empireand northern India broke up into a number of smaller states ruled by local dynasties.

In addition, the road facilitated commerce in technology, art, and medicine—even disease spread across cultures via the route.

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Silk, valued for its texture, was a major import of the Mediterranean region, and the Chinese intensely guarded their silk-making technique. The Kushans practiced an ecumenical rule, supporting many deities of different religions in their multi-racial empire.

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Crossing the route was not without danger, and travelers would often hire guards or rely on local guides to shepherd them on their way.

Called the "Piccadilly of Central Asia" by a British Commissioner of Peshawar, the bazaar attracted professional storytellers who would recite ballads and tales in the market.

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The greatest Kushan ruler, King Kanishkaclosely affiliated himself to Buddhism, choosing the Mahayana tradition, and thereby influencing the direction of Buddhism in China and Tibet. This synthesis of western artisans carving eastern subjects became known as Gandharan art. You need Flash Player version 9.

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In April,a crowd of unarmed protesters gathered in the bazaar to protest the arrests of Ghaffar Khan, Badshah Khan, and other leaders in India's non-violent opposition movement against British rule. His enormous stupa, erected in Peshawar was regarded as one of the greatest wonders of the Asian world: In the north after a period of internecine warfare, and further incursions and invasions from Central Asia the next great Indian power was created by the Yueh-chi, or Online dating peshawar.

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Peshawar means "city of flowers" and, as the Dating discovery phase major city on the Pakistan side of the Khyber Passit has been a crossroads throughout history.

One of the groups who migrated from what is now Chinese Central Asia into what is now Afghanistan, Pakistan and northern India, the Kushans formed one of the great empires of the classical epoch, ruling at their height from the Aral Sea to the Bay of Bengal.

After the 13th century, the rise of the Mongol empires and regionalism along the route led to decreased use and its eventual disintegration.

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During this era, the first Buddhist missionaries travelled to China, with two Indian monks founding the first Chinese monastery and spreading the teachings of Buddhism by translating its sacred texts into the local languages.

More than people were killed or wounded when British officers fired on the crowd.

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The network is largely credited with the spread of Buddhism to China, as Buddhist monks accompanied traders traveling east.

Along with new inscriptional finds the coinage has allowed Online dating peshawar scholars to date the Kushan ulers more precisely, and is providing new insight into the events of the era which the great 18th century historian Edward Gibbon called "the happiest time in the history of humanity".

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