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The stark reality is that no one is emailing us.

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We don't want to show you fake profile after fake profile but these are just a few of the examples so you understand how to identify fake profiles on the website. Buddy Requests We received five buddy requests see evidence below and guess what they were all from "Online Cupids" aka fake women.

You have stepped into their fantasy world and they're building a fake reality for you.

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This long list of fake hookup sites includes HookupCougars. These pretend profiles have images of nude attractive women as profile photos to lure you into buying memberships.

It is just a 15 minute drive from the historical town of Kyrenia, which is home to back street shops, bazaars and a quaint harbour. Despite all it has to offer, only a fraction of British visitors to the island travel to the north, preferring instead to stick to the more established tourism hotspots such as Ayia Napa, Paphos and Larnaca.

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You can also view their photo galleries, see the hottest members etc. They don't want people deleting their profile so the only option they give you is to hide your profile and we show you how to do that.

Luckily for you we have listed the most important parts of the terms and conditions page below for you to easily read and understand. In this particular case this website outlines in detail exactly how they run their full operation.


It definitely makes sense to read the terms and conditions, you will save yourself a lot of time money and grief. No females are actually viewing your profile, it is all done with automated software programs that mimic real female members and make it appear as if real girls are viewing your profile when in fact it is all done with software programs.

On top of that we're also giving you the corresponding links so you can see from yourself where these particular fictitious profile pages get there images from. It runs for around miles along the northern coast and is named after one of its most distinguishing features — a peak that resembles five fingers.

The real problem is that none of the people emailing us is even real to begin with. We realize that most people don't read the terms and conditions and websites such as this one prey on peoples laziness to read the terms and conditions.

All of these sites and many others are run by the same phony dating network called Dating Gold. Unfortunately most people don't even bother reading the fine print and that's the number one reason they get ripped off.

In this time the south has become a popular tourist destination bustling with visitors, fast food chains as well luxury hotels and beach resorts.


The north however has remained largely unchanged with miles of green countryside, untouched beaches and charming remote villages. They make millions of dollars every single year by the deceiving and lying to people and tricking them into purchasing useless monthly memberships to dating sites that do not work.

Well the answer is this. Find Legitimate Women Here: Unlike other so-called review sites that pretty much give any fake dating site a thumbs-up we are unbiased and we give you honest reviews backed up with irrefutable evidence.

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Emails from other members start filling up your inbox after you register as a free member. You can see who has viewed your profile, and in most cases it will be an attractive looking girl and you will probably want to see their profile and possibly communicate back to them.

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If you look on that exact same page you actually get charged to three separate web sites, one is a dating service and the other two web sites are adult porn sites.

One Online dating nicosia the first signs that tell us this is not a real dating service is the fact that Snap Cougars is connected to over 50 different websites that we've already determined to be fake. No one was really emailing us it was just a scam to trick us into purchasing a paid subscription to their useless dating service.

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The images used in these profiles are usually stolen from amateur porn sites and then used in the fictitious dating profiles. Nicosia, the largest city on the island, has been split into two and is the capital of both the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot sides.

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Search for members through this button. This is probably the main reason why so many women on the site look fabulous.