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They had a real laugh about that. This is cause for concern for the government. Another was, "what do you believe Chinese people expect in terms of financial responsibility between husband and wife?

Rumors have since surfaced online that he's actually an aspiring actor who just pretended to be rich to get on the show. This is a show about moral choices and the consequences of those choices, and it's been laudably committed to those ideas from Day 1.

Matt Nager for the Guardian I was a dating novice. Only 99 to go. But the next evening at our farewell dinner, Vic and Rebecca were already over each other.

A male candidate is then bought out and required to perform a talent to impress the hundred member live audience.

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I'd moved to Denver and didn't know a soul, so my cousin Erin signed me up to a dating website to help me meet people. Of course I didn't — I'd had another dinner before his. Not only that, I was to be the only Australian-born contestant. We all took turns asking him questions on air.

I never grew bored of my endless dates — if I didn't feel in the mood at the start of the day, I perked up by the time I was brushing my hair: Love is not only hard to find, because family wealth needs to be measured for potential partners, but also because of the hectic lifestyles Chinese youth lead.

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One wrong answer is eliminated. The backlash among young Chinese was especially severe, reflecting growing anxieties over the widening gap between rich and poor, shifting societal values and the difficulties of finding a mate in a country where men are expected to outnumber women by 24 million in a decade.

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After 3 rounds of questions, if there are still any girls interested and he likes one of them, a match is made. All the answerers in episode 12 were kids.

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Scandals… One of the ladies Ma Nuo 22 had a law suit filed against her, requiring her to return the BMW gifted from an ex-candidate once their wedding engagement was broken off. This automatically eliminates one wrong answer.

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You wouldn't believe the number of Marks, Davids and Stephens in my generation, so I devised a chart to help me remember who was who. But it was all pre-written. I didn't start dating immediately; I had a strict protocol. It also issued a directive outlawing any programs in which people underwent sex-change operations or plastic surgery and prohibited another Idol copycat, Happy Boys Voice, from showing crying contestants, "unhealthy songs" and "wild hair.

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I met some fascinating people — rocket scientists, playwrights — and went to amazing places, including Paris for lunch, with me flying the jet. At least, that's the way things look if you watch Chinese television these days.

The solo player pick one of the three answers, then the number of answerers who chose that answer is revealed. That work pays off with "Perverse Instantiation: I remember arguing with my mum over pulling out of the show, even after my flights were booked and my short notice leave approved; there was no way of getting out of it.

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And once I slipped up when a waiter was describing the specials. That the government would target a TV dating series is not unusual; Beijing has long been wary of China's increasingly freewheeling reality programs and the outspoken stars they produce.

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My motivation for coming on the show was the free trip to Shanghai and the fear my mum might never speak to me again if I didn't take this opportunity to see the real world. Elegant, kind and witty, the girls in this show aim to find a sane and loving counterpart, instead on focusing on money.

Follow TIME For a small but increasingly high-profile number of young women in modern-day China, true love is all about the numbers. One of the hosts then tells him there's a girl who she thinks is a really suitable candidate but is just below his height requirement.

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The Sopranos did it. When we met up, not at table 14 but at an art gallery, the contrast between this date and the others was startling.

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Critics and fans considered the death a continuation of a persistent trope in television in which LGBT characters are killed off far more often than others — implicitly portraying them as disposable, as existing only to serve the stories of straight characters, or to attract viewers.

For example, one of the girls said she'd made the One out of one hundred dating show homemade dumplings, to show how much she liked him.