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One factor that encouraged the rise of dating was, who can edit:

Within a few years, each major city was under the control of a single individual -- the "Godfather" -- who managed the boys in his "family" and conferred with the Godfathers of the families of other cities to keep the peace and work together effectively.

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During the long feudal period in Western Europe, education was done through the church. This helped encourage learning and trade, which both ushered in Renaissance. Not even kings were necessarily literate; those The gangs grew wealthy enough so that they could purchase the services of underpaid local officials, increase their own full- time personnel, and still have considerable income left over to invest in "legitimate" businesses The feudal aristocracies are usually organized on the basis of private agreements, contracts between individuals By the 's, some local lords -- the duke of Aquitaine, the count of Toulouse, the count of Flanders, and other -- had become powerful enough that they began to absorb the lesser lords and territories around them.

New technologies like steam engines, railroads, and telegraphs made communication and transportation easier.

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Humanism became a basis for new works, paintings, sculptures, and texts. Let me try to discuss feudalism from three different aspects.

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Petrarch wrote extensively, producing poetry, biographies of historical figures, and wrote scores of letters, many of which were eventually published and widely read. HOMAGE AND FEALTY The private agreements that formed the network of mutual services were called contracts of homage and fealty, "homage" because one of the contractants agreed to become the servant homme, or "man" of the other, and fealty, because he promised to be "feal, faithful" to him.

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The leaders of these gangs claimed jurisdiction over their neighborhood - "territory" or "turf" - and collected taxes in the form of "protection money" for the services they performed. More and more Americans found themselves depending on industrial technologies for communication, economic and social activities.

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The lord, in turn, would promise to honor and protect the vassal. Further, because Italy's maintained its market economy while the rest of Europe developed a self- contained barter economy of feudal territories spawned by agrarian life, feudalism did not take hold in northern Italy as it did elsewhere in Europe.

They were soon "licensing" or actually establishing illegal activities within their territories -- brothels, the numbers game, casinos, and, most of all, saloons "speakeasies".

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The gangs were soon aware that people wanted things that the government did not want them to have -- primarily alcohol, gambling, and prostitution -- and One factor that encouraged the rise of dating was the government could not prevent the gangs from providing those amenities.

The Greek influence on the cities of northern Italy was maintained by the trade with the Byzantine Empire, which had as its byproduct the flow of ideas and history.

We have already defined humanism as a revival of classical Greek and Roman thought and culture.

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The Party of the Second Part might additionally pledge to render one or more of a number of traditional services: As American spread towards the Pacific, western towns began installing communication and economic technologies which kept the shrinking frontier connected to the east.