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So when I actually became pregnant, it felt like the miracle we both needed. For a girl escaping sexual abuse, he seemed like a hero; and like most girls who have been abused, I jumped into relationships quickly, eager to experience security.

I had planned my own suicide, suffered from trauma and depression for years, and existed in survival mode.

I did love this man, and we were newly married. The phone would be ripped out of the wall; the television unplugged. I Olx dating gauteng that maybe I was the person who could help him be the man I believed he could be.

This is the father of your child.

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I have submitted everything to my lawyer as I have realised that I am dealing with bitter women I woke up once being beaten by him with a baseball bat. Please include your name and province.

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My oldest son grew up taking blows as a result of trying to protect me and my youngest son suffered from night terrors for years.

You go around telling people that you bought a car, which I bought myself. And like a lot of girls who are abused, I married young — I was If I bewitch people, I bewitch through prayer, so may God bless you.

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In one of the voice recordings, Matlala could be heard insulting Madisakwane referring to her private parts and also calling her a witch.

The relocation is necessary because Mooiplaats is dolomitic and only a fraction of the land is habitable. Another woman who broke up with Matlala after a business and personal relationship went awry refused to comment.

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In March, he borrowed R60saying someone was suing him. Every door in our home had been kicked in more than once.

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And then it happened again, two nights later, in a different honeymoon suite. In the voice recordings, it emerged that she lost R after Matlala advised her to visit a sangoma to fortify herself against another business partner, who allegedly wanted to kill her.

You did create a child together.

When the body count mounts, the cast-off women turn on him. I know that my experience makes me invaluable in helping others who are being abused.

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I tried to calm him down and reason with him, until at one point I was on the floor next to the bed and he was jumping on top of me, punching me with a closed fist. In one recording, Madisakwane is heard telling Matlala that Ntshaba was a witch who had gone to a sangoma to try to bewitch her.

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Matlala seems to have created a rift between the two former Generations actresses soon after Madisakwane introduced him to Ntshaba for business purposes.

This man was so lovely!

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But it was too late. You planted people to spy on me and you worked with helper to destroy me.

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But I also remember thinking quite clearly, What the hell did I get myself into? The fantasy was Olx dating gauteng. Police spokeswoman Sergeant Gertrude Makhale said the mayor had been served with a restriction order by the family of the young girl. The night of our wedding, in our honeymoon suite, he beat me up for the first time.