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Launching the business is the start of a new chapter for Missy and the first time she has ventured into either the entrepreneurial or the fashion fray. Sausage with batter and chips is a particular favourite. It teaches you about life and how to make the most of it.

But what she lacks in fashion design training or retail experience she makes up for in her aforementioned energy and get-up-and-go — qualities she has been putting into practice for years.

She left Millfield, the sports-mad boarding school in Somerset, to join a tennis academy in Florida where she spent six hours a day on the court, far away from friends and family but happy and determined. Her brother George will inherit Alnwick, but not for Missy the trappings of a castle or a life dining out on her title.

She challenged Johnny Vaughan once and then he used the idea on his radio show. She recalls George reading every sports biography he could find to help Missy when she started to stress over her tennis career.

Trousers, Modern Rarity at John Lewis Meditation and hillside runs, along with support from her sister, who has been through a divorce herself, and from her mother, as well as from a strong group of girlfriends, have been her saviours.

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And anyway, Percys notoriously do not dance! Throwing herself into Mistamina has been a welcome distraction.

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Prince of Thieves is a mixed blessing for the Percys. It was a period of learning about myself and other people, and most importantly about not caring what other people think.

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The Borders lodge, an hour or so away, suits them all just fine because although the Percys may not be up to much on the dancefloor they are hotshots, quite literally, when it comes to country pursuits.

Their wedding at Alnwick in was billed as the society event of the year. She has overseen each part of the venture from moodboards to manufacturing.

She is definitely a cargo pants and bomber kind of girl, but she is also inherently glamorous, with the blonde hair, glowy skin and slightly overdone eyeliner of the perfect Sloane pin-up she would almost certainly never want to be.

And I got to cut myself up with a sword! I do a Callanetics barre workout with a local lady called Susie who visits the house.

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And now it is the most warm, colourful castle I know. It also means they now prefer to decamp to Burncastle during the summer holidays, when broomstick lessons and photo ops with Hagrid rather take over.

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But, looking back, it is pretty awesome that they allowed me to leave school and live on the other side of the world.