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Following Caputo's departure, Piscatella promptly ignores Officer bennett and poussey dating orders and the following morning, he threatens to pull all of his guards if Caputo attempts to suspend any of Dwts dancers dating for their actions.

Due to the incumbent staff angry at their hours and wages being cut as well as being expelled from their union due to working for a private company, Caputo suggests they form their own union and agrees to lead it. She has Piper helping her write a letter for her appeal and takes the missing screwdriver from Piper's bunk unbeknownst to Piper, which she uses to aid in masturbation.

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Boo has little loyalty to anyone and, trying to ingratiate herself with the powerful Vee, betrays Red by telling Vee about the tunnel. At one point Tiffany had developed a non-abusive romance with a boy called Nathan, but the relationship ended after he was forced to move away with his parents to Wyoming.

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She is a mother of two boys. When Aydin's remains are found, she tries to prevent Alex from confessing to Aydin's murder.

When Piper mentions him to other inmates during the riot, one of them notes she's never heard his name and has no idea who he is. However, as her business begins to succeed, she becomes darker and more ruthless, firing Flaca in retaliation for her instigation of the strike.

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After divorcing her husband for failing to keep the business open, Red starts a friendship with Healy and uses this to get back into the kitchen.

Tiffany "Pennsatucky" Doggett[ edit ] Main article: At the end of the third season, Piper discovers that Stella stole her money from her panty business to use as a financial cushion on the outside due to her pending release.

Taystee refuses to accept the remaining demands without the demand for Bayley's arrest being met and kicks Figueroa and Caputo out. Later that night, she is hit from behind and the gun is taken from her. After learning that Piper was branded with a swastika, she helped alter it to a window.

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Nevertheless, her old friends are now unafraid to stand up to her, and abandon her, leaving her on her own. Red tries to sabotage Gloria's kitchen operations, but fails to discourage her replacement. As she was planning to run from her abusive boyfriend, she was arrested for fraud for allowing customers to exchange food stamps for money at the store she ran and keeping some of the money for herself.

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She leaves medical, and rejoins the other inmates. She convinces her to gather them up so that they can burn them, but shortly after they throw them into a garbage can and set them on fire, women participating in the riot kick over the can, spreading the papers all over the floor.

Lorna also gets caught in the middle of Pornstache and Red's drug-smuggling operations.

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She also becomes heartbroken after Baptiste marries another woman. She is shown as compassionate and easily susceptible to other's feelings, as she forgave her boyfriend repeatedly, and fell for Vee's charms at the beginning of the season.

She also caused the ceiling of the prison's chapel to collapse when she tries to hang an oversized cross from an overhead pipe. She attempts to confess to Piscatella, but is prevented from doing so after Healy turns Lolly in for Aydin's death.

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Shortly after this, Larry and Polly reveal the affair to Piper and asked for her blessing in their relationship. She states during an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting that being in prison is her "rock bottom" experience. When Sophia is seriously assaulted by other inmates while the CO on duty runs off in a panic, she threatens the prison with a lawsuit.

For this reason, Nicky has disowned her mother, and now looks up to Red as a mother figure, to the point where she openly calls her "mom" in the presence of other inmates, and Red in turn openly treats her as if she were her daughter.

Years prior to the beginning of the series, she took a sexual interest in Piper after meeting her in a bar, and gradually integrated her into the drug trade while they traveled the world living in luxury. Finally seeing Vee for what she really is, Taystee later rallies the other black inmates to turn on her former idol.

In the fourth season, Red is distraught when she discovers that her new bunkmate has sleep apnea, and snores very loudly. However, after a meeting with Cesar, Bennett appears to abandon Daya and the baby.