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There are numerous unfinished buildings that remain partially constructed in countries around the world, some of which can be used in their incomplete state, while others remain as mere shells.

The supergun design by Gerald Bull was never fully constructed after Bull's assassination in March Thomas Aquinas stopped work on his Summa Theologiae in after a mystical experience.

The work may be finished as a blueprint or whiteprint and never be realised, or be abandoned during construction.

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Leonardo da Vinci developed sketches and models for the foot-tall 7. Dickens' Dream, by Robert William Bussbegun on the death of Charles Dickens inand uncomplete at the time of the painter's death in Sir Christopher Wren 's sketch for a rebuilt Palace of Whitehall.

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Its arguments for the existence of God continue to exert influence in philosophy and Christian theology more than years later. The first two designs were turned down, one because of costs and one because the design displeased Ludwig, and the third designer withdrew from the project.

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In other instances, outside circumstances can prevent the execution of an otherwise "finished" artwork: Artists leave behind incomplete work for a variety of reasons.

For example, in Kent Larson's exhibition "Unbuilt Ruins: Architecture, construction and engineering[ edit ] See also: Elizabeth Shoumatoff 's Unfinished Portrait of 32nd U. Learn More about our data uses and your choices. The first genuine historiographical work, the History of the Peloponnesian War by Thucydideswas undergoing a major revision by the author at the time of his death, so different sections of it reflect a starkly contrasting general outlook on Persian influence in the events depicted.

If finished, it would become the tallest hotel in the world and the seventh largest building [26] but is uninhabitable and will not be completed due to the cost and the poor structural integrity.

Gian Lorenzo Berninia sculptor from the Baroque period, made his bozzetti an Italian term for the prototype sculpture from wax or baked terracotta to show those that had commissioned him how the final piece was intended to look.