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Today, the door is still open but the ceiling doesn't seem to be as high.

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I was supposed to only be featured on the "[Irv Gotti Presents: Just growing up, Internet dating luxembourg wanted more of their voices to be heard so it was all about expressing who they were.

I have to go do my verse. The crowd was pissed. Ill Na Na Label: They would play with me like I was one of the guys. The discrete details behind the record, including certain co-conspirators named throughout, amount to a truly sad story: She calls me and says, 'Listen, I'm going to come down to the studio and I'm going to lay down a reference for you guys, a hook.

We've only been together a few times.

99. Foxy Brown f/ Jay Z “I’ll Be” (1997)

Beginnings "They were looking for a year old who was feisty for 'Belly. At times when I would do it, people on my team would say, 'You should leave it.

Beginnings "Since I was a little girl, I used to always be the only girl in my group. I remind myself of what she taught me about women and our strength. And the thing that really motivated us during that time was how many women would come to us and say we inspired them.

It wasn't over the top. I was rapping real fast so I thought that was going to be the one. I knew there was magic there. The song was climbing the charts and before I knew it, we had a mega hit on our hands.

And, love doesn't necessarily romantic love. Today, the record may seem a little strange, a little disjointed: What happens when it doesn't work? She had this innocence about her, but it was genuine.

I think our word should have meant more but we wanted their support.

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While continuing to inspire, the New Jersey native has conquered different arenas in the game such as music, TV and film. Atlantic didn't really want to live up to their part of the deal because they didn't understand the direction that me and Puffy wanted to go. I believe it was about timing.

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It's a fiction book based on non-fiction experiences. My mom wasn't really feeling me doing the music thing, and I thought I had to bring her in to sign for me but I literally just turned 18 so I didn't need her to. My album came out quick, a year after my mom passed.

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I just record it in the studio. Here's our growth and our second approach to it. A week later, L was killed, victim of a drive-by in his beloved Harlem. It's not that K.

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Queen Latifah Day That was before we quote, unquote kicked her out. I would make up names for people. I should put out a remix to that song but I don't have to because it will never get old.

But, there are elements in life that you can't control. Sometimes we don't get the same push as male artists.