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Enjoy the story Chapter 1: Bad with the Bone: That's…" He stopped for a moment as he felt Naruto and sakura dating fanfic coming.

Covers the pre-timeskip events. They continued until from the other couple's place on the bed Ino's falsely sweet voice interrupted.

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She came and spasmed around the two hard objects violating her body. You will take it seriously and train your hardest.

Maybe he heard her when she screamed? I knew you would use too much but with that amount you must be trying to make an army of shadow clones; it only takes a little more that the 'Henge no jutsu' I think I know what will help you" Kakashi said in a thinking pose.

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Naruto just looked at her and frowned deeply with that single act of killing him he had lost all his love for her. The Oogakari tell them that they will become sociopaths eventually to deal with the stress of the upcoming war.

She even has Kabuto cornered when he goes after Naruto instead of Sasuke due to a small case of the Butterfly Effect.

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She bit her lower lip lightly to stop her body from acting this way, but failed. Why are you walking so awkwardly like that? You just broke my law!

She seemed to also be walking quickly and bumping into people around her, but she didn't seem to care. She rushed out of the bedroom eager to escape the memory of the pain.

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The fic as a whole counts as one since it took 44 massive chapters to proceed from Academy to the end of the Chunin Exam Invasion arc.

She moaned loudly determined to keep on sucking his cock even with the faster pace.

Rubbing the sleep from his eyes he took some time to think about last night's events, a frown came to his face as he thought about how Mizuki-sensei had tricked him into stealing the forbidden scroll of sealing, his frown deepened as he thought about the massive chakra construct living in his body, but a smile broke onto his face thinking about his new awesome jutsu and that he was now officially a Genin of Konohagakure.

One of the main underlying concerns of the Raikage with respect to the Oogakari. Old Sakura only did it because it is what Sasuke would have wanted in a wife, and the possibility to get him to love her while at the academy.

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She sent chakra to her ears to listen for anything that could hint at where she may be, but all she heard was a loud, wet sucking sound.