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Firstly the coconuts is grated, the grated material is poured into clean water and washed thoroughly. Posted by Haba Naija Contributor Jun 13, Haba NaijaHome and Garden 0 Domestic Accidents The home is primarily seen as an area of comfort and sanctuary from the outside world which is generally believed to be the most cause of accidents.

The home has a very important role in domestic accidents. The accident, which attracted other pupils, resulted in a mob attack on the bus, popularly called Ajumose.

These simple and basic steps must be followed at all times: Domestic accidents are very likely to occur due to constant activities in homes and its environs at which various home appliances are always involved.

A housewife has reportedly stabbed her husband to death during a fight at their residence in the Ikorodu area of Lagos state on Wednesday morning. The price of Indian seed crusher with capacity for crushing up to 5 tons per day is 2.

Domestic accidents are accidents that occur in the home and around home environments. Dangerous Substances; Dangerous substances like disinfectant, fuel washing liquids, left exposed and improperly kept could also be an object of curiosity to children who could end up poisoning themselves by drinking this dangerous substances.

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People are fund of not properly locking these gas outlets after use which causes undetected leakage. The are lots of objects in the kitchen which could prove really dangerous if not handled without caution.

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The primary causes of major domestic accidents are; The Kitchen; When individuals are careless with flammable cookers most especially the gas cooker. Domestic accidents are basically one of the four major causes of deaths in the world.

The paste is then package into a popular sweet called baba dudu. According to an eye witness who shared the pictures online, people have been heartbroken at the gory sight of the man's corpse. Expired drugs or drugs which are no longer in use should be properly disposed or kept out of the reach of children.

Any exposure to the slightest flame from a non-ventilated kitchen would prove unavoidably fatal. The remand order was Control should be enforced on children to guide them on what objects and places in homes are to be seen as a potentially dangerous, which should be avoided and made out of bounds.

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Accidents never should actually happen. The oil collected in a tank is passed through a series of filter to purify it. Now the general and vital question is, what are the causes of these various domestic accidents and how can it be prevented? Common sense is necessary to prevent domestic accidents.

People vandalised the vehicle by smashing the windscreen and side mirror. Posted by elyjay Dec 18, Business 9 Coconut Oil Processing Business Following the article by Temi on how to make Virgin Coconut oil adi agbon for personal use, here is another way to process coconut oil.

Zidane leaves Real Madrid as one of t Children should always be kept out of the kitchen due to their curiosity about objects and flame. The increase in domestic accidents over the years past has become a major cause of concern as home keepers seem to be lesser oriented about keeping a safe home and applying safety measures regularly.

Make sure that exposed electrical wires are promptly attended to by well-trained electricians who are experts in handling such electrical issues. Never use fuel or any flammable liquid to revive a dying fire when burning refuse.

In the video, Sam Ojo was heard insisting that a woman should donate a piece of land before her child can receive permanent h After ten minutes, the remaining water would have evaporated, leaving the clear coconut oil. Always try to think and act right when at home.

There are locally fabricated crusher but the Indian made crusher are well rated above local ones.

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