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Of course, the pair is discovered and a comic chase with the two looking like they are in drag occurs. Perhaps the film's biggest strength is to highlight the frustration of having motivation and hard work matter much less than connections and money.

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A long chase ensues where the Robber and the Robbed-From crawl down flights of stairs, ending with the unintentional crushing of the Robbed-From. Like the sex workers, this younger woman also finds a means to rebel against her economic situation.

The maid's nausea signifies her pregnancy and alludes to the consummation of the widowed maid and egg-seller's desire.

Among actresses of that period, she was known for her strong, forthright personality and no nonsense attitude. Kim even includes another woman who resists, a war orphan whose adoptive mother is trying to instruct her daughter in the ways of a kisaeng in order to provide for the family later on.

As a result, Kim's film refuses to judge these women negatively. Nice Guy, Pebble, Sissy, Construction Worker "because I am rude, like those that work at construction sites"but they don't get much attention after that. Cinematography by Lee Byeong-sam.

Adapted by Kim Hee-chang. Kinship follows what seems like too many characters at times. Contemporary viewers will watch it in a completely different way, but it is still a source of amazement and wonder: Though it debuted in as a box-office hit, The Housemaid was never given proper recognition until a retrospective of Kim Ki-young's work in at the Pusan International Film Festival.

Screenplay by Suh Yoon-sung. Muttering to himself in disbelief, he takes a cab home but is then further shocked when the driver, who seems to know his name, takes him in a completely different direction. Lee died while in post-production on this last film at the age of 45, robbing Korean cinema of a unique talent.

Set to jaunty music, and photographed with visual flair, it serves to locate the story in a real, contemporary space, and to plant the idea of "community" firmly in the viewer's head. Not a director much geared towards restraint, Jeong Jin-woo gives us a sweeping tale of love and revenge in gorgeous, gaudy black-and-white imagery.

Major Na tries to order Jee-sun around like a big brother, and Bae is immediately interested in her. In spite of all this fighting, that subplot I mentioned at the beginning lets you know that fates are going to shift among these families.

A domestic thriller that builds in intensity right up until its startling resolution, the film doubles as a manic tour-de-force and a cutting satire of the aspirations and values of modern society. Since then, the film has gradually made its way to retrospective screenings around the world, drawing forth surprised and passionate responses from Speed dating leeds free wherever it goes.

Stunned at first, she rallies and exhorts the weeping men around her to be brave. The film walks a fine line between optimism and pessimism, but in its darker moments it offers a harsh critique of the economic foundations of society.

It has since become recognized as one of the classics of Golden Age Korean cinema.