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A word uttered when one screws up.

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Are You a Wizard. Derpina Derpina Herpington is a female rage comic character derived from the "DERP" rage comics, commonly used as the female counterparts of male rage comic characters in relationship or dating-related instances.

Inititally, the practice was limited to the basic pairing of an appropriate image and the caption "derp," but it soon evolved into wordplays on the names of celebrity subjects depicted in the macros.

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In addition, the parody of Rob Schneider's movie trailer in "The Biggest Douche in the Universe" was particularly well received among the fans.

According to the DERP website, [9] all research supported by the partnership would be released to the public. The influence of "derp" continued to grow on 4chan through captioned image macros and the term became increasingly used as a non-descriptive placeholder in its text form.

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A Memebase [2] site for Derp derivatives was launched on June 20th, Derp, who briefly served as the chef's replacement. During a scene where they are caught smelling underwear taken from a woman's private drawer, Matt runs out of the room and says "Derp.

Prior to the emergence of "derp," other indecipherable phrases have been used for reverse-captioning threads such as fgsfds and hurr durr. A Facebook Online dating ny fan page has 25, likes as of August 22nd, Several entries credit Trey Parker and Matt Stone for the coinage of the term, as shown in the film Baseketball.

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A rage character named Herp Derp is meant to represent stupidity or ignorance. The "Derp" soundbite became widely used for Derprolling, a bait-and-switch linking practice, on 4chan's imageboards and elsewhere beginning in May Spread On Urban Dictionary [4]there are a total of 31 entry submissions defining the word "Derp," with the earliest instance dating back to May 21st, Used as an interjection.

Usage in Rage Comics "Herp" and "derp" are often used in rage comics as place holders for names or topics in conversation that are not crucial in whatever story or joke is being told. Friendship is Magic was named "Derpy Hooves" due to an animation error that gave her a wall-eyed appearance in a scene during the show.