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Question 5 asked people where designated nudie areas should be located: From Accent on Toronto 16, The Doo Wops take you on a tour of Carnival life and Nour Hadidi has a message for all the friends and future friends in her life; never, ever mess with this woman's brunch plans.

Most Americans think people should be able to sunbathe nude in their own backyard, even if their neighbors may occasionally catch sight of them. Cherry Grove and the Pines. From the Comedy festival, master impressionist Jessica Holmes and Tim Steeves shares how he has yet to master the art of ordering in a restaurant.

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And Hoodo Hersi tells us how you can be part of the solution It's all jingle bells and Ho Ho Ho! Ian Sirota ponders who is easier to raise; little boys or little girls, and takes Metro radio dating app to the Dominican Republic with his wife.

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And Graham Chittenden want you to reevaluate your internet usage, and while you're at it, quit making him fancy desserts! Nude beaches, nudist clubs and getting naked outside.

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Interestingly, the NEF poll notes that there was a significant difference in response from men and women. They also have another location in Manhattan.

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One is a legal, official area in the Mohonk Preserve. To get there, you have to park on the mainland and take a ferry.

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It's our ultimate Christmas episode with special guests, fireside tales and some holiday cheer. After a 33 year hiatus, the Juno Awards are giving recognition to the best Canadian Comedy Album and host Ali Hassan presents the five nominees.

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From Niagara-on-the-Lake Icebreakers Festival, John Hastings says 'choose the timing of your religion' - and Rob Ross is enjoying his divorce and never attending your destination wedding.

Of course we know that NOW! The percentage of approval is even higher, however, when you look at the results from a subsequent question. You can read more on the history of the polls in the NEF report. From the Winnipeg Comedy FestivalChristophe Davidson encourages you to be the best friend you can be.

It's an episode for grown-ups!

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As for Sky Farm, please note that if you are a single male, you might not be able to visit or join although they may have changed their visitor policies by now. Other activities usually include naked yoga and volleyball games.

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Both clubs are inclusive and welcome everyone. Subsequent polls were expanded to include more questions and were conducted by Roper in and From Accent on TorontoAmish Patel tells an unsuspecting audience everything they need to know about his body hair Most Americans approve of nude sunbathing in designated locations.

And Andrew Albert takes us on a journey of laser eye surgery. We even have an anti-Santa song - 'cause we like balance here at the CBC!

This venue has a pool, hot tub, sauna, steam room, bar, dance floor and more. Learn more about Laura in our interview below!