Cancel Satellite TV And Turn Your Existing Dish Into An HDTV Antenna | Cancel Satellite TV And Turn Your Existing Dish Into An HDTV Antenna |

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Have you come across this before? I bought the suggested RCA antenna and this amplifier. It does nothing to enhance the signal. If you get no channels then a signal booster may be needed.

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Please let me know so if I need to get the one you recommended I can do so. On or off road type motorcycle.

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Springfield EMP 40 caliber style two tone in the box. Also folds up for convenient storing.


Of course all that work for 12 channels may be kind of a waste of my time and energy… Reply 51 FlyTye August 27, at 8: The small wire stoped right before the splitter the coax was attatched to. Reply 61 Richard August 17, at 2: Again it had a red stripe so was easy to find.

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Call and leave message or text Disconnect all swim units! A good place to buy splitters and amplifiers for cable coax wiring is Amazon online and Radio Shack in store.

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Prints, scans and copies. Next I carefully climbed back up the ladder to screw the arm back onto the dish and hook up the coax.

Most people do with NO issues. Reply 21 Jim Thomson April 11, at 8: Approximately 60' of metal gutter guard for 5" gutters. I live about 35 miles away from our towers.

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Sometimes a coax cable can bend in a certain area and the cable inside snaps.