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Maxsurf stability criteria and beyond use dating, introduction

If multiple aliquots of saline are withdrawn from the bag, or if the saline syringe is administered beyond 1 hour, then the immediate-use exemption does not apply. Can you explain what a "closed-system vial transfer device CSTD " is?


Is nail polish allowed? Although the immediate-use exemption could apply if the dose is administered within 1 hour, the remaining contents in the vial would have to be disposed of within 1 hour of the first dose withdrawal.

Under what circumstances can radiopharmaceuticals be used beyond 12 hours? Are masks required in the ante-area? Do positive and negative isolators need to be in separate rooms and what defines separation?

How often does the endotoxin challenge test need to be performed?

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The quality of perishable products may deteriorate after the date passes, however, such products should still be safe if handled properly.

If there is one absolute truth in all of this, it is this: A pressure gauge is required to monitor the pressure between the buffer area and the ante-area, and also between the ante-area and the main pharmacy room.

It is the pharmacy's responsibility to assure a plan is in place that properly accomplishes the required tasks. Don't they have a much lower CG as a result of the dismasting? When there are more than two entries into one sterile container, this also qualifies as Medium-Risk Level.

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Small numbers are viewed favorably, large numbers not. Examples of commonly used phrases: Moreover, remaining saline in the bag must be discarded.

Generally, however, more than two entries will be made into the squirt-off vial and the vial will be in use for more than 1 hour between the first entry and the dose administration. If practicing in a certified green building with limits on the types of cleaners that can be used, are there any Green alternatives for cleaning floors?

Can you direct us to scientific support for the benefits of using sterile alcohol and sterile gloves over non-sterile?