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Santa Maria della Salute

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His tomb can be seen at Palazzo Paradiso, which was formerly a university building and still contains an anatomy theatre and now houses a library of rare manuscripts.

The fondaco house often had lateral defensive towers torreselleas in the Fondaco dei Turchi 13th century, heavily restored in the 19th.

About Ferrara

Today, the palace remains one of the most important Late Gothic buildings in Venice. The interior Latin-cross shaped, with a three-bay nave flanked by aisles each with three altars.

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The interior is imposing and shadowy; its artistic highlight a depiction of the Last Judgement by Bastianino above the apse, which Free download matchmaking software be hard to make out in the gloom.

The church was consecrated in the twelfth century, although the interior is more recent.

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The building is interesting for its harmonious blend of the original Neoclassical and modern architectural styles.

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Events and things to do Once a year generally at the end of August Ferrara holds a Festival dei Buskers, when the streets fill with buskers of all kinds. Amongst the most memorable scenes are the threesome having a picnic on the steps in The Wings of the Dove and the dome appearing mysteriously over Katharine Hepburn's shoulder as she chooses shoes in Summertime.

Peggy Guggenheim Collection

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There are marked cycle lanes and also the long route around the city walls where the active can cycle, jog or walk. History The original monastery and church on this site, dedicated to The Holy Trinity, was given by Venice to the Teutonic Knights in in gratitude for their help in the Massari dating against Genoa.

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Campanile 48m ft electromechanical bells Two towers, but only one of them has bells. It has since been restored by the Academy, and it seemed to me entirely destroyed, but I had not time to examine it carefully. Behind there's the smaller dome over the sanctuary and two delicate campanili.

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