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That receives an applause from Yeo Reum who then moves to sit next to Jang Mi. Hyun Hee gives her the guilt trip so Jang Mi tells her to come to the beach. Jang-mi downs her beer and calls herself crazy.

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Guess they are stranded. He lets out a panicked yell: Before going inside, he reminds her that the reason for their fake marriage is so that he can live alone. She didn't do anything but stayed with him.

What she remembers of Hoon Dong are the times that he was nice and kind, and that is how Yeo Reum is. She asks what he did to Hyun Hee. Ki-tae tosses and turns in bed thinking about the kiss and the aftermath, as they both came back to their senses and broke apart awkwardly.

He awkwardly shrugs and rubs his nose.

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Naturally Mom admits nothing of the sort, and remains aloof when Jang-mi suggests they ditch Ki-tae and spend a day shopping. He slept with Hyun Hee because Jang Mi wouldn't accept him! I also think that's part of what's really drawing her to Ki Tae. Gi Tae tells her to get some sleep in the car but when he gets no response, he sits down next to her and asks to check on her wound.

Jang Mi cracking me up trying to not see a half-naked Ki Tae. He seems to be someone new. Ki Tae says that she was just crazy. Suddenly it begins to rain so they hold hand running to find a shelter.


He says that he sold the restaurant. Love a drunk Ki Tae!

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Well, when you say it like that, it does seem to be all about you. I think someone needs to invest in a face shield or some safety goggles. A small accident anyone can experience. Ki Tae reminds her that single women aren't allowed to get sperm donations here.

It should be all romantic. Yeo Reum shows up and tells Jang Mi they should go eat together. Grapefruit juice in the face as Jang Mi admits that he was sexy.

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Halmeoni comes out to check on her. Ki Tae says that she never knows. She leans in, putting an arm on his shoulder.

How come these women are so disloyal? That traumatized Jang Mi a long time ago. Jang Mi looks at Ki Tae, waiting in the living room, and says that she was going to tell Oma after they were sure about each other. She sits up, looking at him and asks what it is.

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Neither does his mom. Ki Tae says that he gave it to her. If the worst marriage, as far as she knows, works out, then they should trust in marriage too. Se Ah gives him two difficult choices:

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