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Bo-na drags Chan-young away, griping about how much she hates Eun-sang. In a nutshell, this scene tells us: On the other end of the line, unni is having a fight with her boyfriend in English—ah, this is Yoon Jin-seo. I know this is a Korean drama and not an American one, but aughhhh.

Download the latest version here. A sleazy duo answer the door, and Eun-sang fumbles for her English phrasebook. Both teenagers sulk in silence while their parents chat pleasantly, occasionally letting out a scoff or sneer.

He barely spares a glance for his stepmother as he coldly orders his room cleaned again.

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Eun-sang cries after her not to leave, but unni grabs the money and dashes. I see flashes of promise here and there, in between the parade of stars and starlets, poking its head out from behind the wall of embarrassing English.

Wait, does he think those are drugs?

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Eun-sang warns her sister not to dare touch that cash, the money Mom worked so hard to collect, but unni wrests it away and tells her to hurry home. Chan-young is on good terms with his father, as we witness as they cook dinner together and chat about his upcoming plans to move to the States.

Ah, so many hot-button American political issues, boiled down into an embarrassing cliche soup of a character.

His good cheer makes his actions all the more chilling, because everything is laced with underlying menace. He calls her a fallen angel and fawns over her, then grabs one of her plastic bags from the suitcase and starts running. Back at Jeguk Group, Won heads a board meeting where he receives bad news about lower than expected sales for their premium shopping malls.

Wait just a little. She supposes she can wait here till unni shows, and he points out exasperatedly how very naive that is.

Our hero surfs the day away with his buddies, laughing it up and looking light-hearted. May as well introduce him off the bat: Madam Han orders a replacement wine bottle sent to her room, forgoing dinner: You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

He bullies a hapless fellow student with a baseball while his lackeys snicker. She clutches a page of carefully written notes as she makes her way outside, where she spots Rachel curbside answering a call in Korean. Fine, do as she wants, he says, and drives off.

My biggest concern about Heirs would that it would be all hype, no follow-through. He stalks off in annoyance, leaving Eun-sang to confront a disapproving-looking cop on her own. Mom scrambles to hide the wineglass for her employer when Won appears. Tan sits at a cafe and is served by a waitress who speaks to him in Korean.

On to the show! And then… a broody shower scene on the beach. My reaction to the premiere: Overacting American Friend asks how Tan feels about his family relationships, or rather his lack of them. He points out her money fixation: I dunno whatchoo got to be so angsty about, uber-rich teenager hero-manchild, but the music and mood tells us he is Very Serious On the Inside about something.

Unni says sorry, but asks for a pass this time and goes rummaging for that cash.