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Marder 38t matchmaking, panzerjager 38t fur 7,62 cm pak 36(r) marder iii and its crew

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Development of the Marder II

The hatches over the infantry compartment were re-arranged. The sprues contain some spare track and one or two other bits rope, a Jerry canplus I have lots of useful stuff from my previous Plastic Soldier purchase. A second set of eight prototype vehicles were built between and The rear deck of the is an example in this first build.

Will have a hard time in close combat due to weak armor.

Replay description

In fact, should it be Pak 36? The vehicle carries litres of fuel, giving it a road range of around kilometers. They saw combat on all fronts. And that next 5th level Flak bus is even more epic vehicle: These was a fault - see above pic - with this kit not applicable on the others.

The Marder is powered by an MTU MB Ea six-cylinder liquid cooled diesel engine which develops approximately horsepower at 2, rpm. The individual symbol became a familiar surname for all Marder IIs.

Like all German vehicles, improvements were made during production of Hetzer's as the crew's provided feedback following combat use became known. In the center of the hull is the two man turret, which holds the commander on the right and the gunner on the left, both are provided with hatches.

Colonel Zinoviy Kolobanov was a Soviet tank ace who destroyed 22 German tanks, 2 guns and 2 halftracks with his KV in battle on August 19, Not available in special battles and Clan Wars.

On the I did some detailing of the gun, opening the recoil channel, as well as some other holes on the breech end. Six 76 millimeter diameter smoke grenade dischargers can create a visual and infra-red blocking smoke screen. The sight can be replaced by a night vision device.

On El Hallouf there is a mound at 9D where a WT E or hight tierwith net binos can sit and see most of the enemy ridge line and snipe Custard on November 6, at The top fighting compartment plate is not attached yet, but just sitting in situ, helping me to decide whether or not to model it with this part in place or not.

This led to a redesign of the Marder II, now based on the regular Ausf.

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Player opinion of the JPanther: Mind you, the and 38t guns are all fixed. It's a funny looking beast, all covered in chunky rivets! The open-top left the crews vulnerable to artillery, mortar fire and grenades.

I initially intended to make three identical vehicles, settling on the Sd. If I build another of these I might try and fiddle with this so as to get more movement.

The Marder is capable of fording in up to 1. Tests with an AAA tank were performed but the high weight of the system resulted in a switch to the heavier Standardpanzer chassis, resulting in the Gepard AAA system.

The crews were trained to use their vehicles in pre-positioned spots and withdraw when engagend, while using their speed to maneuver at a safe distance, stop, fire and change position again, using their main gun range to maximum effect on the flat steppes of central Russia. My cheap chisels totally failed!


Only a small number of this variant is in service. On current models since version 1A2, a MILAN anti-tank guided missile launcher can be attached to the turret to provide enhanced anti-armour capabilities. The Kanonenjagdpanzer built for Belgium are a hybrid between the original Bundeswehr version and Marder parts.

I have had several great games in it already, as long as you abuse the camo and RoF you can contribute to each match. Worst penetration of all tier 6 tank destroyers, expect not to deal a high amount of damage if this is the first tank line you are progressing through.

The modification package included: