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Hindus generally consider Krishna to be a form of Vishnu, hence his consort as a form of Lakshmi.

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This Vaishnavization of Vithoba also led to conversion of the Shaiva Pundarika shrine to the Vaishnava shrine of the devotee Pundalik, who—according to legend—brought Vithoba to Pandharpur.

The emergence of Vithoba was concurrent with the rise of a "new type of lay devotee", the Varkari. Later, with the increasing popularity of Vithoba's cult, this was also transferred to Vithoba.

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Tilak suggests that Vithoba emerged as "an alternative to the existing pantheon" of brahminical deities related to classical, ritualistic Hinduism. However, even the Mahanubhavaswho rose in the 13th century as a Krishna-worshipping sect, not only dismissed the notion that Vithoba is Krishna but also frequently vilified Vithoba.

The workmanship of the image is earlier than the style of the Yadava —the Anhivad Chalukya — and even the Ajmer Chohans — eras.

This name is generally used in the Pushtimarg sect. Finally, Vithoba is also addressed by the names of Vishnu like Hari and Narayanain the Vaishnava sect.

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Sand concludes, from a version of Pundalik's legend in the Skanda Purana see Legend belowthat two distinct murtis must have existed at Pandharpur—one each of tirtha and kshetra type. The Pandharpur image also bears, on the left breast, the mark known as the srivatsalanchhana —said to be a curl of white hair, usually found on the breast of Vishnu and Krishna images.

This is backed by the facts that the temple at Pandharpur is surrounded by Shaiva temples most notably of the devotee Pundalik himselfand that Vithoba is crowned with the Lingasymbol of Shiva.

All Vithoba images are generally modelled on his central image in Pandharpur. Vithoba's arms-akimbo iconography is similar to Bir Kuar Marathi dating site free, the cattle-god of the Ahirs of Biharwho is now also associated with Krishna.

This proposal is consistent with contemporary remnants of Shaiva worship in the town.

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Bhandarkar explains this paradox, proposing that Panduranga may be an epithet for the form of Guardian online dating destroying love worshipped in Pandharpur, and whose temple still stands.

Rakhumai or Rakhamai literally means 'mother Rukmini'.

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Ambedkaran Indian political leader and Buddhist convert, suggested that the image of Vithoba at Pandharpur was in reality the image of the Buddha. The poet-saints have called him " Para-brahman with a dark complexion".

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However, Varkari consider Vithoba to be the svarup original [36] Vishnu himself, not an Avatar manifestation of Vishnu like Krishna, [37] despite legends and consorts linking Vithoba to Krishna. Citing this, Pande infers that Vithoba's cult was well established by the 6th century.

Rakhumai is depicted in the arms-akimbo posture, standing on a brick. The people of Gujarat add the suffix -nath Lord to Vitthala, which yields the name Vitthal-nath. However, since the 13th century, the poet-saints like NamdevEknath and Tukaram identified Vithoba with Vishnu.

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He is commonly perceived to be a historical figure, connected with the establishment and propagation of the Vithoba-centric Varkari sect. In the 17th century, Maratha artists sculpted an image of Pandharpur's Vithoba in the Buddha's place on a panel showing Vishnu's avatars.

The later murti, according to Sand, was a kshetra murti, located at a place of holy power kshetrain this case facing east, on the hill where the current temple has stood since about Etymology and other names[ edit ] A photograph of the Vithoba icon in Pandharpur adorned with jewellery and clothes.

Inside the temple, a stone inscription records gifts to the temple between and from various donors, notably the Yadava king Ramachandra's minister Hemadri.

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The physical characteristics of the central murti image of Vithoba at Pandharpur, and various textual references to it, have inspired theories relating to Vithoba worship. While Vishnu and Shiva were bound in rigid ritualistic worship and Brahmin priestly control, Vithoba, "the God of the subaltern, became increasingly human.

According to Ghurye, Rukmini—a princess of the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra—was elevated to the status of the main consort instead of Radhabecause of her affiliation with the region.