Female doctor locked out of Pure Gym after computer assumed she was a man | Daily Mail Online Female doctor locked out of Pure Gym after computer assumed she was a man | Daily Mail Online

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Yes, in case you're wondering, she is a bit of a Canon Sue. Horatio from Nexus was also drugged and raped, which resulted in the birth of his twin daughters. Captain Britain has been raped by female villains at least three times.

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At one point in the series almost all the guys in Shibuya hold a contest for who gets to have the right to be her boyfriend. The only really hard part of it was trying to sort out who was shouting what. She happily claims the one who wins and breaks the hearts of all the other boys.

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Even in pre-school she had a number of boys who liked her, she has lots of males supporting her when she fights Ryuko and she's the only other Male nurse dating female doctor to get hit by lots of perverts in her Nudist Beach outfit with the only other one being Ryuko.

A woman pulls a machine gun on the main character while wearing nothing but a pair of panties.

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Betty usually only does if and when she dresses up for an occasion to one-up Ronnie. Other people have had Male nurse dating female doctor resort to stabbing or poisoning themselves to even have a chance at being distracted from her weapon-grade literally hawtness.

In Onihime VSthe closest thing to an actual love interest the main character has is the bully who sexually assaults him on a daily basis, culminating in attempting straight-up rape after cornering him in the athletic supply closet.

Elizabeth Chandra who later drops her first name from J. Tenchi is brainwashed by Haruna, a woman from Yosho's past, and made to live with her as her lover. Averted as much as possible in Faith by sbmcneil.

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Don't be so dull. During a talk Shinji mentions that she was the "miss incredibly-hot-exotic-foreign-transfer-student", and she had packs of boys drooling after her.

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It doesn't hurt that he provides at least 80 percent of the Fanservice for the show either. Neon Genesis Evangelion had Misato visiting Shinji at school once.

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Just to be sure, he spends the last night of Lent chained to his bed, falls asleep and awakens being raped by his EX-girlfriend. It was a pack of lies.

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In Advice and TrustAsuka used to evoke this reaction from Shinji's male schoolmates. In the first episode of MaburahoKuriko attempts to get into Kazuki's pants for his genes- genes that can give birth to a powerful magician.

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Often with Veronica and Cheryl Blossom when they are in bikini especially in the covers for Veronica or in other skimpy outfits. To which the clearly traumatised Wonder Man replied "Don't ask, Janet. Everyone who sees her, even other womeneven other vampires, are so stunned by her beauty that they will mindlessly follow her around until her self-esteem is high enough that her beauty level drops off to normal.


Cyke wasn't mentally in the best of health, Emma offered him therapy, then she uses this as an excuse to telepathically bang him.

Bruce Wayneupon finding out from Talia al Ghul that they have a son, notes to her that she drugged him during a ceremony wherein Ra's himself united Batman with Talia, during a short period where Bats and the Demon's Head had to work together.

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In fact, in the manga, she almost had to be dragged to the beauty pagent that she had been nominated for.