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When the Cossacks went over to the German side they carried weapons such as this with them.

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Both were produced from April to November Below: Brodie's Steel Helmet, Type B: This is a really good looking sword.

The United States government initially purchased somehelmets from Britain. Nice looking dated Cossack Shashka Sword being well marked having had the scabbard lost to time with the blade showing wear and darkening but being in overall very good condition for its age.

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These straps featured a two-piece web chin cup and were fastened by a metal snap rather than buckle. This is a piece that I owned some years ago and that I was fortunate to just buy back.

The fittings are the plated style and the screws have never been turned.

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This practice is seen from time to time on these examples. Early World War II production helmets had fixed, rectangular loops, and late-war and s helmets feature movable rectangular loops which swiveled inward and outward. The helmet arrived today and I was floored when I opened it!

Several distinguishing characteristics are noted to determine the period of an M-1 helmet: These are rarer than the Deschler examples. Herder although the blade is un-marked. The shell was identical to the British original, except that the liner fixing screw on the crown sat in a small indentation.

The cross-guard is steel as is the upper retaining plate on the top of the grip. Unlike the British Mark II and other copies, the plan of the South African helmets was almost circular rather than oval. A second component was the M helmet liner, a removable inner helmet constructed of resin-impregnated cotton canvas.

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These examples also have two "slash" marks on the reverse.