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She is a anthropomorphic rabbit who has been established as a love interest to Bugs Bunny. Lola first appears in the film, Space Jam, in which she is the tritagonist. Later in the series Bugs and Lola are seen in multiple episodes spending time with each other.

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Her lines in Space Race are "And their off", and "Hello is this thing on? This version of the character is the one dictated by the official Warner Bros. Lola in season 1 Lola in season 2.

Although she sees Bugs as something of a saint and a "bad boy" combined and appears attracted to his appearance, intelligence, and his personality, Lola is not above criticizing his cross-dressing habits, finding his female disguises incredibly ugly.

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The Tune Squad was victorious, and Lola kindled a romance with Bugs. So they ended up emphasizing her "feminine attributes", and turned her into "a heterosexualized object".

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Lola does have a feminist catchphrase, "Don't ever call me doll", and her athleticism is not a typical feminine trait. She N-heterocyclic carbene synthesis an anthropomorphic rabbit and has been established as having a romantic involvement with Bugs Bunnyas well as being his main love interest and girlfriend.

She made a cameo appearance as the reporter in Tweety's High Flying Adventure, in which she was voiced by an uncredited Kath Soucie.

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In the show, Kristen Wiig lends her voice to the character. Compared to her "trophy girl" personality in Space Jam, her personality differs greatly in this show, along the lines of the " Manic Pixie Dream Girl " archetype, and is less intelligent and clueless to her surroundings.

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She thanks Bugs by giving him a kiss. Although her character design in the show is based on her appearance in Space Jam, her personality is different.

She thanks Bugs by giving him a kiss. Space Jam Lola first appeared in the film Space Jam. She is the second best player on the Tune Squad team, the first being Jordan himself.

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Lola demonstrates her basketball skills and then the film makes use of a Tex Avery-style gag concerning the libido of males: Design Edit In the wake of Lola Bunny's initial movie appearance, many "Looney Tunes" fans have noticed some differences between the character's appearance as seen in "Space Jam", and the design used in subsequent promotional images and merchandising: In response, Bugs is instantly smitten and several other male characters ogle at her.

Lola is voiced by Kath Soucie in the film. She values her love for Bugs greatly, and will go at any length to see he feels the same for her.

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The Toon Squad was victorious, and Lola kindled a romance with Bugs. This appearance conforms to the animation model sheets used during the film's production. Lola's personality is a combination of the Hawksian womantomboy and femme fatale archetypes.