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October 2, 2 A tough sword to swallow; a father and daughter's invention; an entrepreneur jumps through hoops; turning wasted food into healthy profits. Each of the companies on our list has been independently reviewed by The Big Fling.

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January 20, 14 A duo charms with their trinkets; software for children; a paper packing company; an office compost service. What you want is more immediate and much sexier.

January 27, 15 A showerhead invention; a dating site in need of a partner; a chocolate bar; a classic gets a meaty spin. January 25, 13 A student entrepreneur believes her business is a class above Dating sites devon rest; a duo teaches the Dragons that age isn't an obstacle; a trio presents an easier way to purchase feminine essentials; a young entrepreneur is in high spirits when presenting his knowledge.

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October 23, 5 A search for a deal; when it rains, it pours; a family favourite; a team effort. February 24, 17 A fresh idea is presented to the Dragons; the Dragons share their opinions with a trio; a DNA-based business; an active pitch breaks down barriers.

March 30, 22 Past and present Dragons share their favourite memories; looking back at the past 10 years of inspiring pitches by Canadian small businesses.

February 10, Updates on past pitchers who are putting their investments to good use and fan favorites.

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Products and services are evaluated independently, but thebigfling. They have operators and allow you to find a business based on your location.

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March 1, 18 Brothers hope for a long-term partner for their short-term product; a curious fashion show; a family presents a durable demo; a beauty product's secret ingredient is revealed.

February 26, 16 A pitch puts the Dragons on the edge of their seats; a farming family; business partners hope they can arouse some interest; one man's trash is another man's treasure. Forget waiting 3 minutes or more to get your number from a computer that makes you listen to several commercials December 4, 10 A festive fashion faux pas; a pitcher has the whole package; a frosty invention; a pitcher tries to keep the Dragons' interest.

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January 25, 15 A group puts up barriers in the den; a shakable pancake powder; a specialty clothing line. January 20, 13 An entrepreneur hopes the Dragons will roll the dice; an inventor returns for an investment; a tourism company; a techpreneur gets a virtual-reality check.

January 13, 12 An entrepreneur has some slick moves; the Dragons are panicked after a puzzling pitch; a business plan with a few kinks; a company returns in the hopes of scoring a home run.

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October 5, 2 An entrepreneur breaks down more than just numbers; a designer hopes for a perfect pitch; a family with rich history hopes to get the Dragons seeing dollars; the Dragons receive a tasty proposition. November 5, 5 A couple believe they have the magic touch; two business majors have an international idea; the youngest hopeful ever has a lunch-break idea; four brothers teach the Dragons.

October 26, 5 A fitness company tests the Dragons; a request brews up some objections; an entrepreneur hopes for an organic partnership; a longtime business needs the Dragons' help before it slips through the cracks.

March 7, A toilet accessory; a hockey website; an Internet-based shop for every occasion; a clam diver. Free trials are perfect for a bit of fun.

December 14, 12 Past pitchers are back for a second chance; men's underwear; helmet wrap; a dog festival; a natural soap.

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February 29, The friend-zone; a nutrient-rich powder; a masculine Lavalife telephone dating mask; a natural sweetener. February 3, 15 A company's past is more than relative; a husband and wife present their products; sisters present their fashion line; a family's food concept presents the Dragons with a cut of the business.

April 14, 8 1 A brand new den is revealed; a snack company; a denim company; a couple's solution to a problem; a tech company hopes to launch their product. That is simply amazing, without any charge I will definitely use it again Guest 18 As Greg Sterling wrote at http: November 11, 6 A university student tries to spin a deal; two guests help a student school the dragons; business partners don't want to be left in the dark; siblings turn up the heat and teach the dragons not to underestimate students.

November 9, A gym; golf; raw food; crutches. January 29, 15 An inventor puts the Dragons in the hot seat; a couple tries to nurse a deal; an entrepreneur tries to flip the Dragons; an idea gets the Dragons rolling in money.

November 2, 6 A fitness company tests the Dragons; a request brews up some objections; an entrepreneur hopes for an organic partnership; a longtime business needs the Dragons' help before it slips through the cracks. October 31, Cuddling with furry friends; the best burger; an automobile accessory; a fashion show.

March 12, 18 An idea to take the sting out of summer; the Dragons nearly get put to sleep; friends hope for a smooth experience. November 13, 8 An entrepreneur returns in need of a Dragon partner; a natural product; a Dragon is stretched thin; a pair hoping for a smooth ride.

November 18, 7 An artist hopes to sing his way into the dragons' hearts; partners present an enlightening demonstration; a trio must make a decision before an offer melts; business partners hope to team up with a dragon.

Ive just dialled save a couple of minutes ago and I got a human being on the other end of the line. January 11, The Dragons share the origins of their success and reflect on their careers.

November 4, 5 A company hopes the Dragons will toast to a deal; an entrepreneur peels back the layers of Lavalife telephone dating business.