The Biblical Date for the Exodus is BC: A Response to James Hoffmeier The Biblical Date for the Exodus is BC: A Response to James Hoffmeier

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The Date of the Exodus: Royal inscriptions indicate that there were two Pharaohs with the name Amenhotep II—the first being the Pharaoh of the Exodus who perished in the Reed Sea in BC and the second a replacement who campaigned in Syria-Palestine to replenish the wealth, slaves and army lost in the Exodus.

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Palace of Jabin King of Hazor, massively destroyed by fire in the second half of the 13th century BC. However, it is possible that the Hebrews had travelled outside the Holy Land —similar to an American being found in Mexico.

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There is also substantial evidence that there were nomadic tribes who inhabited the area earlier than the 14th century. And that data from a variety of sources does not always lead them to conclude that the Bible is that kind of totally unbiased and always absolutely reliable historical reporting.

Evidence for destruction by fire should readily be discernable in the archaeological record, making these cities a primary focus of Conquest research.

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But, if we assign this destruction to the Conquest, there would be no city for Deborah and Barak to conquer later on in the time of the judges Jgs 4—5since Hazor was not rebuilt until the tenth century BC in the time of Solomon 1 Kgs 9: For example, from a sociological perspective the biblical traditions bear a clear memory of Egyptian ancestry.

This is highly debated. And that is not really our goal in the study of Scripture. These could have been the people that the Israelites encountered. This means that people must have been in the land for some time before these remains were buried.

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Second, it is not sound historical methodology to take at face value numbers from three different biblical books spanning a time period of almost a thousand years and assume that they can be used interchangeably to determine dates.

This already totals years, though it does not include the time during which Joshua led Israel, nor the career of Samuel, and these two periods of time, while not specified biblically, must certainly total to something greater than 30 years they probably total close to 80 years in fact.

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This was followed by an escalation of the oppression Exod 1: Secondly, the earliest Asiatic settlement at Tell el-Daba has all the earmarks of being Israelite, including a four-room house, a plan adopted by the Israelites when they became sedentary during the judges period, and a tomb which is possibly that of Joseph Wood Jericho, Ai, and Hazor.

If so, the Exodus could provide a more reasonable explanation. Given this protracted warfare between the Hittites and Egypt with Palestine at its center, it is inconceivable that there would be no biblical records of the incursions of Sethos or Rameses into Israelite territory.

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Most are split between two different views: Life carried on as usual in Egypt all through this time. This means that the Pharaoh who originally oppressed the Hebrews must have reigned for at least 40 years, while Moses was in Midian.

Disagreement with Biblical History A close reading of the context of Exodus 1: From these records we gain insight into the Egyptian reconstruction plan following the Exodus. Since et-Tell is clearly incompatible with both the early and the late dates for the Conquest, some have suggested that et-Tell is not the biblical Ai at all.