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Seok-hyeon's mother looks down on Young-shin, Spring, and just about everyone else on the island, but Seok-hyeon seems to feel an obscure guilty connection to Youngshin, and is kind to her even when his mother is behaving obnoxiously.

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When the dust is settled, Eun-Sang walks out of a police station and her passport is temporarily confiscated. And while the show's first few episodes actually beat All In, it was only because Song Hye-gyo and Lee Byung-heon weren't introduced yet. The cast are all very good, making their doofus characters believable and sympathetic, even lovable.

When I first saw him in Ad Madness inhe was still an aspiring singer acting in minor roles in small productions. Her mother works as a housekeeper and Eun-Sang also works part-time jobs to help out.

The story also threads on a sideline, where the lovers find it tough to maintain their love since Hye Won was already attached to Park Jung Jae played by actor Ryu Jina charismatic eligible bachelor.

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Yang-soon's parents are a riot, and while Han Eun-jung shows little else other than her beauty, Ryu Soo-young is surprisingly effective as Joon-tae.

Sound like a soap opera? The most wooden performance comes from Lee Hyun Woo. For casual fans, the finale is also 'fanboy proof' another controversial issue, especially for fans of Kim Rae-wonand very uplifting.

Characterization, at least by TV drama standards, is quite good, although a few missteps along the line don't allow this drama to reach the depths of shows like Ruler of Your Own World.

Part 1 Episodeperformed by Ahn Jae-mo as Kim, is based on how Kim came to be a triad leader around the Jongno area during the days when the country was invaded by the Japanese.

Besides Serenade, the soundtrack also boasts a couple of great songs that went well along with the scenes in the show.

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Thankfully, she also makes new friends. He won't go in because he's a Christian, which he demonstrates by being hateful to a young monk.

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The other surprise is relative newcomer Lee Na-young. Produced by Shim Woo-chul and Son Jung-hyun.

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If there is one flaw in the drama, it is definitely the ending. Once again, the court politics mixed in with high school politics add a great twist to this drama. After watching the ending, questions marks were flying in my head. While this turned off some viewers, it's refreshing to see that they didn't play the 'jjaksarang' unrequited love storyline in a predictable way.

In short, one of the funniest, most charming miniseries of the year. An interesting character, Lee Han-sae is perceived as a playboy by others who do not know him personally.

For more comprehensive English-language websites on TV dramas, visit Soompi. This drama 100 free south african online dating sites gave Ahn a chance to transfer into a career as a singer afer spending weeks on the top as Korea's most popular male actor.

With its first three episodes showing the landscape of Paris, it is no wonder why the audience would be beheld by the picturesque scenery of the city of Amour.

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The setup is familiar, and even if a little controversial, it's well played out. Also, this series is further confirmation of Kong Hyo-jin's immense potential.

Up to the last episode, the atmosphere never goes the usual way, there's no tragedy here.

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The characters are well developed and the performances very good. The show's surprise success in Korea which shouldn't have been surprising, due to how great it looked and how good the main trio of actors are has caused it to be dubbed the next big thing in the Korean wave.