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Kim hyun joong and hwangbo dating 2010,

The bumbling duo are still oblivious to the rumors and happen to be engaged in a wrestling match when Seung-jo sees them. Upset at news that Mom is feeling under the weather, Jan-di urges the family to take better care of themselves. They were looking at Seung-jo.

We start at home, when Dr. When Seung-jo enters, she asks him whether the story she heard from a schoolmate is true — is he thinking of moving out? Ji-hoo starts to break down as Dr. As in, a fun activity. Seung-jo arrives at practice to hear everyone buzzing about Ha-ni giving up on him and kissing Kyung-soo.

Jae-kyung tells her not to, although she does have a different favor to ask. Her smile fades when Seung-jo says that when Ha-ni moved in, she made him consider that the world could have different ideas than he does, and that those ideas could be right and his could be wrong.

Like a year-old, maybe, but still! The other twosome have a much less successful outing, as Kyung-soo tries to work up the nerve to confess his feelings to He-ra.

After walking outside with Jan-di, Ji-hoo ushers her indoors, and broaches the topic of the wedding tomorrow. Speaking of whom, later that night, Jun-pyo reluctantly sits through a family dinner, remaining silent as everyone chatters about the upcoming wedding.

No, I mean Ha Jae-kyung. Jun-pyo refuses to cooperate, but his protests are ignored. Seung-jo calms her down enough to instruct her how to take care of Eun-jo until the ambulance arrives.

His father, in fact, is rather proud and agrees to let him move out. How did they all ship their cars over, and just for the weekend? Jun-pyo turns to Ji-hoo and instructs him: Also, poor lonely Woo-bin, who must drive all alone!

He awkwardly tries to cheer her by saying the doctor praised her reaction to the emergency. He still gets a kick out of poking fun at her, such as when he mocks the girly, childish underwear she dropped on her way to take a bath.

Jan-di faces him accusingly: On the other hand, she gets the immediate exit she was looking for, and takes Seung-jo with her as she topples into the lake.