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It gains you access to the city's integrated public transport system, including the metro and buses. For something completely different, visit the Buddhist temple in Brisbane.

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Teito is Millea's mother. Getting around Sydney is a vital hub both for visitors arriving from far-flung countries, and those looking to cross the huge distances of Australia without the endless driving. In between all these activities, be sure to leave time for coffee and cake.

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Its Metro serves 14 of the cities 17 districts, while the high speed Shanghai Maglev service zooms visitors from Pudong International Airport to Longing Road in just eight minutes.

On the latter point, after getting acquainted with the roaring pace of Sydney, reward yourself by taking a tour of Sydney's many wondrous beaches.

Taotao Ju dates back to and is the best place to sample dim sum. There are small wineries, microbreweries and distilleries to explore, as well as Aboriginal sites.

For something a bit less swanky, head to Hong Dou Yuan. Views along the river are particularly impressive at night when the lights of the towers blink on. Sakura and Syaoran C both have crushes on each other.

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Fly fishing trips eg for Thai Mahseer to the Khao Sok Rivers are multi-day trips due to the remote location of the rivers. The Shark fishing is very good, and this area is also used by diving companies as a shark feeding destination.

The heady smell of incense is inescapable at Man Mo Temple.

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Overview Sydney is without doubt one of the developed world's most exciting cities. This vast public space is surrounded by a number of must—see sights: Guilin Park and the amazing EcoG rooftop garden are the pick of the bunch. Irish moss and egg whites are also fine wine cleaners.

It's one of the most densely populated metropolises on the planet, and tends to baffle at first with its whir of cars, scooters and sprawling street markets. Examples Anime and Manga Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi: The streets and rivers are filled with colourful chaos.

A less disturbing one by the end of The Second Raid: For something a touch fancier, Romdeng does an excellent fish amok, a local curry.

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Yet with its jumble of architecture, fascinating history and thoroughly cosmopolitan feel, you'll be pleasantly surprised by how exciting the place is. Nearly a century old, the site's odd koalas make this the first and biggest koala sanctuary.

If you end up with a bottle of plonk, Chinese scientists have developed a handy solution. It's one of the most impressive sights in Australia, if not the world. The narrow strip along Graham Street, running up to the Mid—Levels, is an essential stop off. Perth is the capital city of Western Australia.

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This sun-drenched Australian city often takes centre stage in the world of sport, and its theatres, galleries and shops are truly first class. This is partly thanks to the waves of immigrants who supplemented the city's Anglo-Irish founders, including Italians, Greeks, Chinese, Vietnamese, Lebanese and many others besides.

The 10, Buddhas Monastery, a short walk from Sha Tin station, is also worth taking the time to visit. The complex is home to a number of temples and a pagoda, the main building housing thousands of unique Buddha statues.

Foremost amongst them is the Taipeia striking needle bursting high above the rest of the skyline with subtly staggered levels that remind of a pagoda.

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Its colonial past, coupled with its pretty backstreets, makes it far less brash than many of its larger counterparts further north.