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Harry Thuku said in"To-day we, the Kikuyu, stand ashamed and looked upon as hopeless people in the eyes of other races and before the Government.

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Mau Mau carried out many atrocities with the violence on all sides reflecting the ferocity of the movement and the ruthlessness with which the British suppressed it. Share or comment on this article: In Junethe National Assembly amended the constitution, making Kenya officially a one-party state.

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In response to the rising pressures the British Colonial Office broadened the membership of the Legislative Council and increased its role. With the beginning of colonial rule inthe Rift Valley and the surrounding Highlands became reserved for whites.

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He utilised detention and torture, looted public finances and appropriated land and other property. Pressures of overpopulation and the prospects of cash crops, already in evidence bymade this subsistence economic system increasingly obsolete and accelerated a Kenya speed dating to commercial agriculture and emigration to cities.

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As the Omani presence continued in Zanzibar and Pemba until the revolution, but the official Omani Arab presence in Kenya was checked by German and British seizure of key ports and creation of crucial trade alliances with influential local leaders in the s.

The Omani Arabs posed the most direct challenge to Portuguese influence in East Africa, besieging Portuguese fortresses and openly attacking naval vessels. By a multiracial pattern of quotas allowed for 14 European, 1 Arab, and 6 Asian elected members, together with an additional 6 African and 1 Arab member chosen by the governor.

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For the most part, veterans did not participate in national politics, believing that their aspirations could best be achieved within the confines of colonial society. It was the largest and most successful such movement in British Africa.

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At the same time the Kikuyu, with Kenyatta's support, spread beyond their traditional territorial homelands and repossessed lands "stolen by the whites" — even when these had previously belonged to other groups. InKenyatta was charged with leading the Mau Mau rebellion and sentenced to seven years in prison.

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