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Sunday, April 29, - Reply 55 Theresa August 25, at On the ground I had to replace the two DirecTV splitters with amplified distribution splitters to get everything to work.

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I bought the suggested RCA antenna and this amplifier. I think I have one, maybe two, gray power inserters connected inside the house—since that supplies the power to the SWM—would that be where I plug the outdoor antenna adapter into it?

Wednesday, May 2, - Then I went into my attic and found where they had attached their equipment and lines, found the lead from the dish. Wednesday, April 4, - Wednesday, May 23, - So basically I have: Again it had a red stripe so was easy to find.

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However, I might try it with the 4 way splitter that I already have and may be able to send the other one back if all still works well. Only a hundred bucks to make the switch!

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Reply 44 Jim September 16, at Bedroom Suites, Sofas and More!!! Thank you very much in advance! Wednesday, April 4, - 9: Sunday, March 18, - 9: Sunday, May 6, - 9: What antenna brand and model are you using?

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I left it pointed southwest and it picked up all the OTA channels in my area. In your case and mines as well-just did this about 3 weeks ago you will need an amplified splitter or pre-amp to compensate signal loss for your splits.

Just makes it easier to mount the antenna since the dish is already mounted to the roof. Would it be a regular electrician or is there some sort of specialist? I grabbed the amp that came with the antenna and connected the cable from the antenna to it.

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One box for all! Wednesday, March 21, - 9: No power on the antenna. Do i need to use 2 separate antennas for each coaxial or just put a splitter on the antenna and hook the dual coaxial to it? Small items can go Fed EX.

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A good place to buy splitters and amplifiers for cable coax wiring is Amazon online and Radio Shack in store. You will need a powered splitter or get an antenna for each TV.

All sales are FINAL, no exchanges, refunds or chargebacks will be issued for incomplete or damaged merchandise.

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Please use preview when determining your bids. Wednesday, March 14, - Best information and instructions. I took the cable with the red ring around the base of the connector which is the main line and plugged that into my antenna.