Ellen; These Friends of Mine (an Episode Guide) Ellen; These Friends of Mine (an Episode Guide)

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We have spent the past 20 years side by side In my Logie acceptance speech last year I said Home and Away had always been my constant and the same goes for Sally.

She and Gypsy become good friends.

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Aaron used to beat Diana, so she left him. But when the fourth grader asks Ellen about sex, she's tongue-tied. She has a near death vision of her adoptive father Tom, who shows her what life would be like in Summer Bay without her.

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When Tim returns to town after the charges are dropped, Sally feels guilty and confesses all to him. She then joins Cassie in Phuket.

But things nearly fall apart when she stumbles upon an unlikely couple just before the ceremony.

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Robby Benson "Too Hip for the Room" gs: Tricia Leigh Fisher is Joely Fisher's real-life sister. Robby Benson "The Tape" gs: Koundakian ] Looking after Paige's boyfriend's daughter, Mia, for the weekend, Ellen is proud of the way she communicates with her charge.

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Sally signs half of the house and caravan park over to Miles, before saying goodbye. His health slowly deteriorates and he dies. Harry Reynolds Justin Melvey kisses her and she realises she has to Nicaragua dating customs the wedding off.

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Sally becomes principal again when Brad is forced to step down. Sally and Cassie make plans to go travelling, so Ric and Miles organise a leaving concert at the school.

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Sally is angry when she finds out Shauna has tried to seduce Flynn and ends her friendship with her. Pippa and Michael begin having financial problems caused by Michael's son Haydn 's Andrew Hill gambling debts. Sally kisses Damian while he is asleep only to be witnessed by Pippa.

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Viewers have seen Sally grow up from an eight-year-old little girl and don't want to see her go. Later on, Miles joins his sister there, after she finds him a teaching job. Johnny escapes from prison and stabs Sally, who nearly dies.

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The incident brings Sally and Brad closer and he moves in.