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Her first ever tattoo was the letter J on her ankle drawn in old-English style in memory of her high school boyfriend, James. She has a LOT of inkings, many of which were done by her customers and others are portraits of family members, but she had vowed not to have her chest tattooed.

As a child, she wanted to be a doctor like her father because she thought one cannot make any money by drawing. Though she recognized him, she could not have felt more disconnected. Kat Von D with Deadmau5 Image: The LA Ink star, who is known as one of the world's most famous tattoo artists, has often been unlucky in love and was previously engaged to Sandra Bullock's loverat ex-husband, Jesse James.

Kat loves skateboarding and used to skateboard to work when she was younger.

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It's funny [but] I love children and kids love me. He revealed that Kat was obsessed with the idea of getting liposuction done and often consumed pills to lose fat.

Kat is classically trained on piano, saying: She was shocked to unexpectedly stumble into her high school boyfriend, James after 10 years when he showed up at one of her public appearances during her book tour.

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She eliminated her morning cup of coffee and fixes her own breakfast each day. Jackass star Steve has been posting plenty of loved-up selfies with his new lady after reconciling following a brief fling in and he's not the first famous guy Kat has dated.

While working at Sin City, Katherine became known as Kat Von D because a regular young client could not pronounce her full name. He told Howard Stern: Before heading to work at High Voltage, she goes for an exercise class at a gym nearby which usually comprises of cardio, Pilates or Yoga.

She started making enough money to help her parents financially. It's a bit of a mouthful but sounds like some glamorous vampish princess, which she pretty much is. Although she loves kids, Kat claims that she was sure since the age of 7 that she will never have kids of her own because she considers herself more of a globe-hopping gypsy.

Though Kat has not confirmed speculation about all the surgeries she might have possibly undergone to enhance her appearance, she has now put her troubled past and associated bad habits behind.

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After Hookup olympia years of drawing tattoos through hit and trial, Kat landed her first job at Sin City, San Bernardino at the of Here's everything you need to know about Kat Von D. To gain creative control in her own reality series, LA Ink, she produced 3 of its 4 seasons until she decided she could not spare the time to continue.

One hundred per cent.

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She eloped with him to Georgia but returned to California by herself just after a few months. She released two books to her credit.

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Her love for tattoos and makeup is primarily fuelled by her love for drawing. She consumes the remaining meals of the day at any of her preferred Los Angeles restaurants.

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