The 13 Cutest Girls Of K-Pop Who'll Steal Your Heart At First Sight The 13 Cutest Girls Of K-Pop Who'll Steal Your Heart At First Sight

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There's also a youtube video where Sica shouts to Yuri about something in a really sweet tone and then when Tiffany sitting beside her asks, her tone changes to her normal and she replies. It just feels fishy to me. The pair dated from to Even the original publisher denounced its authenticity.

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But a very possible one. Taehyung and Jimin popular with girl groups.

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The radio show host asks: Urges happen and what better way to get down than with a likely equally sexually frustrated individual who is extremely attractive and works in the same company.

Pretty basic and believable.

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Audio of Junhoe masturbating. Yeri is young, talented, and beautiful. Wine, fashion, sexual allure. On a radio show, Taeyeon was asked to sing a love song and she said that it was the song she wants to sing when she confesses her love.

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We know Jessica left. So much of his imagery in MVs is connects to enticement. Maybe one person in a group could do that but I don't see a whole group acting the same way in such a scandalous way to risk their careers.

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A lot has happened with Sulli leaving the group, but the two seem to have each others' back still. Chanyeol I think just tries to be kind to everyone and keep everything together.

Friends of friends meet.

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Most any woman can put themselves into that situation. Honestly another one I wouldn't be that surprised K-idol dating rumors it was true. There's also an episode of happy together where Taeyeon says that Tiffany changes around boys by changing her pitch and sitting in a cute manner and then after she says it, Taeyeon goes: You almost never see Kaistal doing anything together except for some very obviously setup circumstances to find them.

Chanyeol usually works late at the company by himself.

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Well this was much longer than expected but kind of interesting to think over. Honestly I think this probably happens a great deal in the Kpop world but no one acknowledges it. Still, when she opened up about having had feelings for Jung for some time, fans accepted the pairing.

He also divulged that they'd been dating for 2 years.


For as messed up as they are, they can get a lot of information. If they did pull this off then I doubt much interesting stuff was found or this list would be much longer.

Add all the scandals from YG groups and it makes itself clear. The comment section seemed be a split between unsure youths and ardent fans who may refuse to believe anything dark about Idols. Not saying they don't have actual good moments between them but it's somewhat clear to me that Suho as the leader likely created some abrasive relationships behind the scenes.

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BTS member dated GFriend member.