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It is sponsored by Hewlett-Packard and is bestowed annually upon an outstanding young electrical engineering educator.

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In two Britons were among 25 people to die in Indonesia after drinking palm wine spiked with methanol. Education[ edit ] Terman completed his undergraduate degree in chemistry and his master's degree in electrical engineering at Stanford University. After falling illl Miss Emmons trekked through the jungle to get help.

These grants, in addition to the funds that the patented research generated, helped to catapult Stanford into the ranks of the world's first class educational institutions, as well as spurring the growth of Silicon Valley.

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Mr Cook, who had been with Miss Emmons for more than three years, has been left devastated by her death. Earlier this year, an Australian teenager died after drinking vodka that had been mixed with methanol on the Indonesian island of Lombok. Miss Emmons called Chez by her friends, is the youngest of four siblings Difficult: They are demanding an investigation.

In December an Australian schoolgirl was blinded after drinking a tainted cocktail while on a trip to Bali. Rachel Craig, 22, from Ireland and her boyfriend Rene Puper, 23, who was Dutch, were also among the dead. These countermeasures significantly reduced the effectiveness of radar-directed anti-aircraft fire.

His fiancee, Michaela Pechac, watched in horror as he died. Together they established a vacuum tube laboratory. In June last year Swede Johan Lundin, 28, was poisoned by a mojito laced with methanol. An year-old boy was also temporarily blinded during a trip to Bali in November. High taxes have pushed up Jonathan emmons dating of manufactured wine, beer and spirits in the Muslim country encouraging a long-standing practice of stretching spirits with the locally made spirit known as arak — but some immoral suppliers are going further, adulterating those local spirits with the poisonous methanol.

Methanol is a toxic chemical component that can be used for fuel, as an ingredient in formaldehyde, plastics and paints or as an anti-freeze or solvent.

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Some suppliers are going further, adulterating spirits with methanol, which is colourless. In she met Lewis M. Methanol, which is also called methyl alcohol, is used in numerous industrial applications, including the production of formaldehyde, acetic acid and as a fuel component.

On April 25, Miss Emmons' parents Pamela and Brenton made the heart-breaking decision to turn off her life support after flying out to be with her Deadly: In he was influential in the creation of a microwave research laboratory at the Stanford School of Physical Sciences.

Terman's efforts to create a mutual relationship between Stanford and the tech companies in the surrounding area also significantly contributed to this growth. Friends have offered tributes to Cheznye via a Facebook page dedicated to her memory. Miss Emmons, with brother Michael. Alan Cole, 59, and Rose Johnson, 48, died in separate incidents after consuming traditional arak.

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She was a ray of sunshine that would light up any room that she walked into. Miss Emmons' father Brenton has urged the NHS to warn British travellers about the dangers of drinking alcohol while on holidays Family: Terman at the school; the relationship ripened over the following years and they were married Sept.

Now a lot of the rest of the world is here" — Frederick Terman [1] InTerman became a founding member of the National Academy of Engineering.

The methanol had been poured into a bottle labelled as gin and sold in a local shop in the popular tourist site of Bukit Lawang in northern Sumatra. She was my little girl and I am never going to see her again.