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It wiped out the pastel trade in one fell swoop. As keen meat eaters, the Neanderthals hunted game. These pastel merchants built grand town houses and, before long, both architecture and the fine arts flourished in the city as never before.

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Toulouse became the centre of Occitan literary culture for the next hundred years; the Consistori was last active in Famine and floods also took their toll on the city.

In Toulouse, the Cathars tried to set up a community here, but were routed by Dating services halifax de Montfort's troops.

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Despite strong immigration, the population lost 10, inhabitants in 70 years. New projects included the building of the Jardin Royal. We find that they often visited the banks briefly, to make or repair tools and search for flint.

A parliament was set up by Charles VII and the city's merchants grew ever wealthier.

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The wooded, watery region of the Meuse Maas valley abounds in foods such as fruits, nuts and fish. The spear shown here would have been lighter than the Roman pilum, which had a heavy iron tip and shank attached to a wooden shaft, and which had a maximum range of approximately 33 metres ftalthough the effective accurate range was more like 15—20 m 50—70 ft.

This is considered proof that early humans were active hunters with specialised tool kits.

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The Capitole de ToulouseToulouse's city hall, is an example of the 18th-century architectural projects in the city. Also inUniversity of Toulouse was established after the Parisian modelintended as a means to dissolve the heretic movement.

I find this difficult to believe.

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Calas was put to death a year later. Much can be learned by microscopically examining the traces of wear on flint and reproducing these in experiments. The subsequent arrival of the Inquisition led to a period of religious fervour during which time the Dominican Couvent des Jacobins was founded.

They found home in Les Jacobins. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. These are the same specimens as the two in the photo above.

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Another blue dye arrived from India, known as indigo. Inthe Matabiau Station was opened, launching a new age in transportation.

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Gradually, Toulouse emerged as a modern French city.