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Pam talks with Brian the fired boom mic operator, who reveals they've been filming a lot of private moments over the past ten years. To help pay for school, she gets a small job at Corporate. After waiting, Roy enters the office and attempts to assault Jim.

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Shortly after however, Pam decides to break up with Roy. For the first few seasons, she kept a list of the character history revealed on-screen by the creators, as well as her own imaginative thoughts on Pam's history.

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Pam is overjoyed Jim and pam dating in real life learn that she's been accepted at the Pratt Institute, a design school in New York, in " Goodbye, Toby. The crash site was in a wooded area north-northeast of Brentwood approximately at the junction of Baxter Lane and Franklin Pike Circle, just east of Interstate 65and southwest of Nashville International Airport where Reeves planned to land.

How data brings you better ad experiences We want to provide you with the best experience on our products. The Stamford merger is a much larger plot point in Season 3 than the Swindon merger in the original UK series.

Jim and Pam

Andy's doing a Parkour high jump right on top of an empty carboard box. This unusual format was more suited to the spoken word and was quickly discontinued for music. A great example is when Dwight is working alongside Nellie to put together a Sabre retail store.

In the early seasons, there is a great deal of tension between Jim and Roy, with Roy often acting threateningly towards Jim. Duringthe label released a set entitled Nashville Stars on Speed dating malaysia 2013, including audio and video material of the RCA European tour during April in which Reeves features prominently.

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Over time, the combination of Michael being supportive of her goals, her transition from a bad relationship with Roy to a great one with Jim as well as her finding a job she not only enjoys but is effective at in the office administrator position and Michael finding his own soulmate in Holly Flax made Pam soften her stance towards Michael, and the experience at the Michael Scott Paper Company further bonded them as did Michael's decision to choose Pam instead of Ryan Howard as the only MSPC salesman to keep that job when Michael returned as Branch Manager.

When Roy and Pam attend an after work get-together at a local bar with their co-workers, Pam, feeling that she should be more honest with Roy, tells him about Jim kissing her at " Casino Night.

Pam takes it personally, and is visibly saddened. Dwight defeats Roy using a hidden bottle of pepper-spray.

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After they kiss, she pretends that it never happened, then kissed him again, then pretended like it never happened, then tried to get back together with him Seasons 4—6[ edit ] In Season 4, Pam retains the assertiveness she developed in the third season.

Inhe toured and was featured in a South African film, Kimberley Jim.

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In this episode, Jim proposes in the pouring rain at a rest stop, saying that he "can't wait".