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Classic WoW has all kinds of bugs and problems, it has all kinds of exploits and hacks that everyone knows about. My guess is once the initial wave of tourists dies down, there will only be a small core group of people left. Before their meeting, Brack says Nostalrius turned over its code to let Blizzard play and pick at it to see what they had accomplished.

There was [always] the idea that if we could ever find a way, if we could flip a lightswitch and Classic WoW was working we would do that.

But now we think we have a way to have the old WoW version work on the modern infrastructure and feel really good.

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Allen Brack Still, it will be interesting to see what the long-term response to Classic World of Warcraft will be. Some are quick to criticize the direction World of Warcraft has taken this past decade, the convenience of features like automated matchmaking for dungeon groups or faster ways of travelling the world.

We talk to Blizzard's vice president to learn why it took so long, and how it's happening.

I was surprised at how much I had forgotten. Their new solution is still challenging, but Brack says the team has made a breakthrough.

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Last week I sat down with Blizzard's senior vice president and executive producer, J. Though that question still lingers, Blizzard is done telling people what to think. This is also about preserving something that we think is really important.

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We would flip that switch. Nerds dating site would mean running two separate, very large MMOs at the same time—a massive technical challenge. If you look back at all the things you have deep love for, you have to look at, OK, that was the thing, but what contributed to that being a thing?

The biggest one was, after years of Vanilla World of Warcraft being such a hot topic, why now? To run Classic servers, Blizzard would have to build an entirely separate server and client architecture different to the current version World of Warcraft uses today.

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If Stars Wars were to release today, would it have the same cultural or personal impact? Allen Brack, to learn everything about the long journey to this moment.

But moments ago, during the opening ceremonies of Blizzconit was announced.

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Back during a panel at Blizzcona fan asked about the possibility of Blizzard creating dedicated servers for previous expansions and Classic World of Warcraft.