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Players are disqualified if they touch the rope with their hands, their rope makes contact with the platform or they exceed a minute time limit. In The Hunger Games: Each player will have a minute time limit to retrieve four flags, and the team that completes the challenge in the fastest average time wins.

Subversions of this trope:

The girl that remains on the wheel for the longest amount of time will be the winner. The first team to pick up all of their teammates and reach the stop zone wins.

Ghost Recon In Ghost Recon: First, each player will race 20 yards to the base of the tower, then use the ladder to climb to the second story, and raise their ladder to the stop of their designated towers in order to climb to the top. The first person to get 3 of the rugby balls to the other person's side is the winner.

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Format[ edit ] The competition consists of a series of team and individual challenges sometimes called "missions"with an elimination challenge known as the "Inferno. Spokesmodel Jenn and Colie climb to the top of a giant wheel; once T.

Bad Asses Dog Day Afternoon: Strike Witches averts this thanks to its premise of " World War II between humanity in general and an alien threat".

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Teams have to race on a yard railroad track on a "hand car. After the flag is retrieved, that player will pass the flag over the wall to their partner, who will have to scale down the wall, with their partner inserting pegs through the holes.

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A smuggler with a bad-tempered partner known to pull people's arms off if beaten at holo-chessa highly illegal ship with multiple hidden compartments, and who has mastered the art of the subtle draw in order to be able to blow away the amateur bounty hunters that come after him if he screws up a smuggling job no matter which version you believeHan was definitely drawing his gun under the table and Singapore top dating agency it at Greedo's crotch for several seconds while Greedo talked.

Each platform decreases in size as each team tries to advance to the end. The team with the fastest accumulated time wins.

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Two girls from the Good Guys team Paula and Susie were required to compete twice, while two girls from the Bad Asses team Aneesa and Jenn were forced to sit out the challenge. The process continues, until the team whose male players reel in all of their female teammates out of the water in the fastest average time wins.

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The film adaptation of Richard III seems to zig-zag on this trope, being set in an alternate dieselpunk Britain. Following the Inferno, Timmy announced that he would be retiring from the challenges, saying that he is passing the torch.

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You might find an "AK" oddly enough with polymer furniture and a custom M4-style stockbut you're more likely to find Israeli, Austrian, French, or Belgian assault rifles, while all the Russian "shielders" are using MP5Ks.

Attack of the Clones gives the clone troopers large rifles also based on the MG 34, partly as a Call-Forward to what will become of them after the Clone Wars, Is it bad to hook up with guys is further exemplified in Revenge of the Sith where most of them use carbines almost identical to the Stormtroopers' E rifle.

However, given the above, it's only the sheer matter of Makarov killing the player character at the end of that mission and leaving his corpse as "evidence" that his plot actually works the way he intends.

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The male players on each team are positioned on opposite fishing boats, with each boat containing a deep-sea fishing pole.

Bad Asses Hook Me: Teams have to build walkways, by using three 8-foot logs for the girls on each team to advance from one platform to another that is separated by 60 feet.

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While sidearms are all over the place mostly Americanthe final shootout of Gangster Squad has the titular Squad attacking mafioso Mickey Cohen's stronghold wielding Tommy Guns while Cohen's goons and Cohen himself get trigger-happy with MPs.

The fourth puzzle station is that of an elephant.

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Though the villains of Heat use all sorts of firearms throughout the film, the big post-bank-robbery shootout has the more sympathetic Shiherlis and McCauley wielding Colt s AR variant with an In the graphic novel, they use. The bad guys tend to use Western guns.