IT HAPPENED TO ME: My Boyfriend Is A Coke Dealer IT HAPPENED TO ME: My Boyfriend Is A Coke Dealer

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Except that within 5 minutes of meeting you, coked-up strangers are pouring -- jabbering -- their hearts out -- along with, of course, their deepest, darkest secrets.

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Reporting Crimes You have probably seen crimes taking place and not reported them before -- underage drinking at a party, people taking bong hits.

I'm not giving a sophomore that cocaine. It is going to be hard to explain that you love them, just not enough to take the rap. Weed may be as harmless as a garter Is dating a drug dealer bad whose heart is filled with love, but meth is more like a king cobra whose venom sacs are filled with meth.

Because most of the time I am just too fucked up.

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I mean that not in the sense that my selfhood is bound up in him, the man we're equals! It gets to be a bit overwhelming after a while.

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Hello, new friends that I just puked on! Please don't buy meth! Sometimes, we show you personalised ads by making educated guesses about your interests based on your activity on our sites and products. The hours after work, of course, are when Identity 2 comes out.

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Recommended For Your Pleasure. Even if you have done nothing wrong, you can get picked up in a sweep if you're hanging around shady places. They're probably just bored, and as a drug dealer, you're today's entertainment.

6 Unexpected Things I Learned From Being a Drug Dealer

Smoking rock candy is a great way to gain all the social benefits of meth use with none of the open sores. So now you are dating a drug dealer and the dates are nice but you have some questions about what this means for your life.

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I am officially more uncomfortable around you than ever. Coke fixation is bad energy. The bargaining, the begging, the bumming of bumps off keys. Sure, I admit it. It is very hard to say what will happen to you when you date a drug dealer without more context.

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Oath will also provide personalised ads to you on our partners' products. Hello new cameras in the lobby of my apartment building the next morning -- the fresh shattered glass still scattered on the second floor!

So what makes me keep coming back to this dude? No one can guess what the consequences for dating a drug dealer will be in your case specifically, but here are some things to keep in mind. You avoid the masses with drugs -- do enough so that all you see when someone is blabbering on to you is lips moving and all you hear is a faint buzz.

Talk to a Lawyer If you are dating a drug dealer and have concerns about something you have seen or done, talk to a criminal defense attorney. Well, easy until you have extended amounts of time off work: That can certainly get you in big trouble.

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Or maybe everyone is really meant to pack a brown bag lunch and stare at their computer screen as a way to make an earnest living. Please enable and try again. If you get picked up with drugs, you can and will be charged criminally.

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Continue Reading Below Continue Reading Below Advertisement No, we didn't go looking for a drug dealer at the stupidest high school in the country -- according to studies, this is exactly the effect anti-drug campaigns have had on youth.

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