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Carla Elise Bauer said: Eggs I usually crack one small egg into the wok while cooking each serving. Sounds good Pim- you hit my favorite flavor itches.

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Follow the same step as the dried noodle but do not soak for as long. Mesh the tamarind and water together and let sit until the water cool down enough not to burn your hands.

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There is plenty of room for creativity when comes to making gyoza. It may look difficult to make Gyoza at home, but the method is fairly simple once you know how to prepare them.

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The recipe is nice but could be improved with better grammar. You can find the wrappers in Japanese or Asian grocery stores. January 23rd, at 1: So feel free to experiment with different ingredients or seasonal vegetables.

This recipe is highly adaptable.

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I use about tablespoon per portion. Also thank you to Nell for your comment with the short version of basic principles to cooking asian food.

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Do you use it instead of chili powder to keep the spiciness down? I basically blend my own from a few different kinds of chilli I get at my local mexican market. You can experiment with different ingredients for the filling based on your preference. I love using the leftover wrappers for crispy cheese wraps.

I am looking forward to trying it! What a generous gesture. Dried shrimps optional The cheaper versions of Pad Thai on the streets of Bangkok are made with only tiny dried shrimps and no fresh ones at all.

If you buy block tamarind, soak the block in 4 cups of hot water in a large bowl. Tilt the pan around to keep lubricating the surface with oil and let it continues to Is chive dating any good for a few minutes —make sure your smoke vent is running and all the windows are open, by the way.

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Beansprouts I love a lot of beansprouts in my Pad Thai, so I use almost a full cup per portion. Got another idea from David Lebovitz blog — lunch at Cuisine de Bar.


You can buy Rice Stick noodles at your local Asian supermarket or get them online. Your recipe is so detail that it beats any of those southeast asian food cookbooks out there!

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A Le Creuset pot, for example, is built like a marathon runner, slow to warm up but has a long staying power. Harold January 29th, at 5: Add more sauce if it looks a little pale. Keep a bowl of water handy too, if things get to hot in the wok you can sprinkle the water on it to slow it down.

The thin iron steel material in a good wok transfers more or less all the heat from the flame directly to the content inside. Lovely Rieslings will do fine as well. If you are making tofu or shrimp and tofu Pad Thai, then only add the tofu and garlic for now.

January 23rd, at 7: Then, strain the mixture to remove the pits and tough membranes from the tamarind pulp. I live in an ethnically deprived area and have, thus far, been unable to obtain one of the important ingredients in the sauce—namely tamarind.

So convenient and so many uses too tom yum, canh chua. To serve as condiments at the table you will need: If you have the time, that is. Is there some reasonable substitute that can be produced?