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Religion and Globalization 4 Examines the worldwide resurgence of relig ion in the context of migration, missionization, the media, postcolonialism, and personal mobility in contemporary global culture.

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Looking to new innovations in participatory and compassionate development, this will prepare students for critical engagement with development. Attendance in lab sections is required. Genetic Anthropology Lab Techniques 4 This course provides hands-on experience with the latest molecular techniques as applied to questions of anthropological and human genetic interest.

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Content will cover primary literature on Maya archaeology, epigraphy, and art history. Language and Multi Culture 4 A critical introduction to the study of cultural patterns of thought, action, and expression, in relation to language.

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Gun Violence as Social Pathology 4 In this seminar, we investigate gun violence from a critical perspective that draws on social and health sciences, films, media, and more. Human Rights and Environmental Justice 4 In this course, we will examine the dominant human rights framework to think about one issue that has escaped its purview: Language and Culture 4 An introduction to the study of cultural p atterns of thought, action, and expression, in relation to language.

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Gender and Religion 4 How and why is gender important to religious practices, doctrines, and ideologies? While we take the contemporary issue of gun violence in the United States as a primary case study, we employ a global and comparative perspective. Political Anthropology 4 Humans are goal seekers, some with publi c goals.

With an anthropological approach to language, examine languages of the law, legal conceptions of language, and most importantly, the nature and structure of talk in a range of legal institutions and activities.

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Mayan 4 An introduction to the languages and cultures of speakers of the Mayan family of languages, with emphasis on linguistic structures, ethnography, and the social history of the region. Students may receive credit for one of the following: Introduction to Culture 4 An introduction to the anthropological approach to understanding human behavior, with an examination of data from a selection of societies and cultures.

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Formerly known as ANRG This course examines the field of international development, to understand the discourses and practices that governments, aid agencies, and communities have tried. Introduction to Biology and Culture of Race 4 This course examines conceptions of race from evolutionary and sociocultural perspectives.

We will focus on how diseases have shaped humans and how humans have shaped disease. The Archaeology of South America 4 This course will exam ine archaeological evidence for the development of societies in the South American continent.